caption, please

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Some 4 photos of this couple making out appeared in a UK magazine I still have HIM Issue 15 1976 under the title ‘Target, Fire Island’. Very sexy couple.

: (

“caption, please”

I know! I know! ; How about “Wrong Pop-Up!” No, this photo isn’t from Colt, it’s from Target!

Honestly BJ, I sometimes think you deliberately post the wrong information; in order to get corrections – click bait! : ) I often think, you’re pulling my leg, since you can’t pull my dick! LOL!

No matter, let me thank you profusely for answering a previous question! Remember, you’ve posted a couple of Target pictures of these two, before! : )

The dark hair guy with the mustache is Dan Donovan.

I now know what “Jerry” looks like, facing the camera. I knew he was going to be cute, just from a side view. I had him confused with the blond guy from “Ramrod #4: Leathermania”.

I doubted myself though, because their noses didn’t match. : /

Notice the half circular head post painted on the wall, and the design of the sheets, in both pictures. : 0

This isn’t the first time you’ve inadvertently answered my question, by default – stumbling in! : )

I hope and pray that it won’t be the last! Vintage porn questions are so important!

We viewers can’t be left hanging, unless we want to; by opening our flies, and pulling down our underwear! : )

; )

Oh yeah! Obsessed! How do you remember this stuff? I remember that discussion, now that you helped.

That was great. I was so busy trying to think of a clever caption, I totally blanked on any IDs. Do we know Jerry’s last name?

I get Colt and Target mixed up all the time. If I’m reminded of one while looking at the work of the other, I see it as a tribute to them both.

You know what this photo really made me think of? The promotional photos from today’s studios like where all the models are looking right at the camera, as though someone yelled “say cheese!” while they were all fucking. What? Why is that a good photo? If it’s an action pic, I want to see them focused on what they’re doing. And what’s the studio that always has the performers mugging it up in a “caught in the act” pose like the final frame of a bad sitcom? Ugh. Sorry, I had to complain for a moment. Thanks for listening.

Thank you BJ,

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