"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

and Pete


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This is tantalizing. I can barely tell who’s who, although I Bruno is the one who is standing.

I know a few “Bruno ands” by Target, such as Bruno and Jeremy, Bruno and Bull (Dozier), but I don’t know this Bruno and Pete. I see a “Dick and Pete” film loop at GEVI. I must know who this Pete is.

Is this from a Target mag? Which one?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Mmm, thanks BJ! Yes, I suspected it was early 70s. I thought of another Pete from Target, Pete Bronsky- a really hot guy BTW, but immediately discarded that possibility as not likely. The torso doesn’t really match. I can barely see this Pete in this photo, but it’s so much better and it’s more than what I had. Which was nothing.

I am now more than tantalized, I am… well, obsessed. Sorry, Obsessed, there’s a reason that was a good user ID for this site. You are not the only one. I doubt you are obsessed about this post though. Doesn’t seem like your thing. Am I right?

Anyway, back to replying to BJ. I love Target Studios, I love the Target/Bullet loops. And it is so exciting whenever another “new” model pops up that I am not familiar with. A “new” old mystery.

There’s a Target ad which refers to Pete “of Bruno and Pete fame.” which must refer to this photoset because I can’t find any record of a film. Too bad.

I am loving this little mystery though, so even if nothing more comes of it, I am still grateful.

Smiley face emoji, smiley face emoji and an eggplant emoji just for good measure. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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