Director: Spencer Logan (1975)

Starring: Michael Hardwick, Dwayne Carter, James Rugman (AKA Jamie Gillis), Wade Nichols (Dennis Parker), Bobby Niles

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The poster on the wall that’s seen in the lower right of your four-pack of images … is that Charles Manson or Che Guevara? My guess would be one of those two but I’m not sure. Thanks for the clip, I haven’t seen this one but I remember Wade/Dennis mostly from his disco music as well as The Edge Of Night.

Although it seems to be a very common theme in gay porn, I’m not entirely certain how I feel about “boynapping.” But is it because I’m not sure how I feel about men being called “boys” or because I’m not sure how I feel about capturing people for sex. I guess as pure fantasy either one is OK.

Long ago, I used to use “skinkboy” as a user ID. Then one day I reached the conclusion that it was slightly absurd to call myself a boy when I was well into my thirties.

Anyway, this is a hot clip. I love how Mr. sexy Nichols and Mr. Gillis are just having a casual convo’ on the couch and then eventually they’re like, “oh yeah, there’s a chained up boy over there. What are we gonna’ do about that?” If I had a man chained up in my room, I’m not sure my thoughts would be, “well, maybe for later…”

I have a thing for Wade Nichols though. I am a slave to a man with a mustache. And I don’t know how I didn’t know that Jamie Gillis was bisexual (according to GEVI) and did all these gay/bi films. He certainly had some crazy porn aliases. “Buster Hymen” was one and “Dr. Seymour Love” was a character name from one film.

BTW, if you try to find Boy-Napped on GEVI you have to spell it a certain way: “Boy Napped” with a space where the hyphen would go. Woody’s search engine can be touchy.

There’s a close-up b&w photo of Dennis Parker associated with “Like an Eagle” where he has wet hair and it is very sexy. I tried to find a link. No good. I think he connected well with the camera.

Thanks BJ!

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