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AKA Eric

Does he qualify as “gay for pay” if he’s only done one film (that I can tell), and it’s a solo? For COLT he went by Ernie Langeberg, and Brentwood, who he did his only film for, Eric. I like the top photo best, maybe because it has a “I’ll give you (just you) a peak” – more here, cropped/censored, but includes Playgirl work.

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He’s alphabetized as “Ernie Lang” at Colt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, because I don’t think I’d forget–he’s one of the most magnificent, statuesque men I’ve seen here (or maybe anywhere.) 6’7″, yes, perfect for basketball. I wonder what his ethnic background is–could be any of several Northern European, including German. Beautiful face, beautiful hair.

I never think about “gay for pay” or “I’m so hot you can’t have me” as a problem with models. They’re not your flesh friends. But could have something to do with that I find so many str8 men fantastic-looking, even if they’re not physically available.

He was 6’5″, not 6’7″, I met him in 1980 at a party in Pasadena and he was straight. A very quiet guy but god could he fill out a pair of jeans.

Incredible photos! I like the top one also. Didn’t know he was so tall. That’s a huge turn on. I’m 6′ 3″ and when I was younger I always felt too tall. A giant, gawky, skinny twink. I love to be able to look a man in the eyes. I’ve had mostly lovers who were shorter than me. No complaints, short men are great in bed. It’s just hot to be with a guy who’s taller.

Beautiful man, beautiful dick! Thanks BJ!

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