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hustlers’ exercise

Not sure what kind of leg exercise this is…..

a bit more from these guys

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Adoro esses dois homens. Lindos demais. Gostaria de receber fotos dos anos oitenta de Rick Cassidy. Ele faleceu em 2013. Tenho uma profunda admiração por ele.

Once again, I love it that you mentioned this dynamic duo! It gives me another opportunity; to gush about them, and bring more recognition! Your sarcasm is worth the price!

As I’ve said before, I like all types of combinations in all-male porn. But I have a special place in my heart; where there’s a fraternal dynamic that shines through, because of great chemistry – brothers in arms!

You don’t get the sense that one partner is dominating the other; because they both have equal presence, bearing, footing, and respect – a powerful camaraderie!

Dakota and Jim Cassidy made for a very glamorous and powerful team! They look great together!
They’re booty buddies, prick pals, or carnal comrades!

Like you, I value observing gay porn, from a historic and cultural perspective. I wonder if any of your readers; are old enough to have witnessed, this dynamic duo’s debut. What was it like?

I could imagine that they must have caused quite a stir in their day. So many performers, in early gay porn were skinny hippie types. Here were two MEN! : 0

I really need to own up to the fact, that I’m a bit of a “muscle queen”. I love sculptured male bodies! Mae West is my patron saint! LOL!

I wondered if others of my “ilk”, back then; anticipated that bodybuilders – would eventually be featured, in all-male porn. Since the dawn of time, there has always been a hunger for “beefcake”!

Jim Cassidy and Dakota were in all-male porn, from about 1970 to 1974. So they were a little before my time. I didn’t discover them until about the mid 80’s. “Macho Porn” didn’t really come into full swing, until about 1975 or 1976.

I remember “Greek Love” being advertised for mail order; in the classified ads – toward the back, of gay porn magazines. I’m guessing it was an 8 mm loop, only available for home use. So maybe it WAS edited from “Drilled Deep”.

“Drilled Deep (1970)” was the first porn film produced by Scott Masters. Before then, he produced gay porn magazines, starting in 1969.

It became standard practice to simultaneously produce a porn magazine; to correspond with a porn loop, or movie. Both correlating items could then, publicize both mediums. You see this practice routinely with Nova Studios and Catalina Video, along with other porn studios.

No doubt, as they’re filming; the filmmakers will stop the action – and have the performers pose, for “action” photos. I’m guessing that “Drilled Deep” and/or “Greek Love”, was the first example of this genre.

There seems to be endless photographs from these various publications, in both color and b & W. It practically IS a movie!

The pictures vary in quality. Some b & w pictures may look faded or grainy; while the color in other stills – may look, weak or oversaturated. : (

There are some that look excellent, like the three I previously mentioned! : 0
But others alas, aren’t as flattering. : (

These two pictures that BJ posted aren’t exactly my favorite. : /

On behalf of this fabulous pair, I feel obligated, to provide better ones! They deserve it! But let me put these stills in context!

I appreciate that both Jim Cassidy and Dakota, were uninhibited and versatile. Too often, gay porn stars that are ruggedly masculine or well-built, will only go so far – “trade” or “gay for pay”. : /

By “flip-flopping”, they were more generous and sharing. Great sportsmanship, competition, and camaraderie – “Let take turns!” or “I will, if you will!” : )

Here’s a better example of Jim doing a “leg exercise” (*Hmph!*)! It’s sexier and shows more! The color looks nice! : )

In turn, Dakota also “takes one for the team!” I like seeing Dakota on all fours! He’s so big and beefy – like a bull or a bear! The color isn’t great, but it’s still hot and endearing! I appreciate Dakota’s ample rump! : P



At the risk of sounding like a whacked-out hippie, or a space cadet; I actually think there’s something rather moving and transcendent – about witnessing a male couple, perform mutual fellatio i.e. a “69”.

What’s a better demonstration; of two men sharing their sensuality, as opposed to just getting their rocks off? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) : )

I don’t think that THIS considerate, generous, not to mention, democratic act; is shown often enough, in all-male porn – spiritual, as well as carnal! : )

Both partners seem to feed off each other; in a primal, rotating circle of mutual affection and pleasure, which also symbolizes equality and respect. I think of this, as a mystical, manly ritual – “Male bonding with a vengeance!” : 0

I know I’m biased, but I don’t think it’s as powerful or visually effective; as when a hetero or a lesbian couple, perform it – (“Chauvinist!”).

Namely because, only in a male homosexual pairing, both their genitals protrude – awesome, spectacular! (“The Dawning of Aquarius”) ; )

Once you finish rolling your eyes; let me show you this example of Cassidy and Dakota, expressing their respect and team-ship! They both got each other’s back, or in this case, their fronts – beautiful!

This time, they “get down” on the rug! As with the other rug picture, the color isn’t great, but it still is hot! Dakota aka Ken Sprague especially, looks like such a crawling beast – those arms, legs, chest, and ass! : P

I also like this b & w photo of them, relaxing on the bed; Cassidy spread eagle, Dakota on his stomach – afterglow or chillin’? : )

Ah, I also especially like this last picture! It looks so playful and spontaneous! You can tell neither of them, take each other too seriously. They both like necklaces. : )

Both of them have lovely smiles, which they show easily and quite often! Jim Cassidy’s dimples especially, are to die for! : )

Both of them also abound in charisma! I love the qualities that they both share and contrast from! They’re the same, yet different!

Bodybuilders with natural physiques, one beefy, the other lean!

I think all-male porn, was lucky to have them!

Two beautiful, graceful stallions – strong, powerful, and manly! Rick Cassidy was a thoroughbred, while Dakota was a Clydesdale!

I’m hopeful that because of the internet, they’ll gain more recognition. Neither of them should be unheralded!

If I didn’t know any better BJ honey, I would say, that you’re warming up to them! : )

This won’t be my last word about them! Brothers, I salute you! Oorah!

; )

I have to find where I’ve posted video, as I image it won’t have that one element that I DON’T like about some muscley guys posing – the tummy suck! but yes, hot men, both of them, and especially together

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