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Of all the vintage stars I can think of, Jack would have had the easiest time seamlessly switching into pitch man mode right in the middle of a sex scene. Like how TV shows in the 50s and 60s would have the actors break character long enough to hawk detergent or cigarettes, sort of built-in commercials?

Picture it, Jack is huffing and puffing, fucking some guy who is bent over a couch for all he’s worth, then he just slides out, looks right into the camera and breaks into a monologue about the kind of lube they’re using. “When I fuck a hot, tight ass like this one, I make sure to only use the best quality lube. That’s why I never leave home without my travel size container of Crisco shortening (holds up container). It comes in two varieties, regular and extra greasy. Find the Crisco display at your local grocery, and tell ’em Jack sent you!” Then without missing a beat he walks back over to the upturned ass on the couch and resumes fucking the guy.

(I admit to my weirdness but typing this up made me laugh because I can imagine it would have been so effortless for Jack to pull this off).

Well, he was from a TV family, he would know all about those things, having probably been on innumerable sets watching the action since boyhood. I think that’s a good point, he’s always a bit superficial, which adds to his comedic gift.

#’s 3 and 6 show his face at its most voluptuous–just as he’s about to suck cock. Is he known for loving to suck Prick? I think the face becomes a sexual organ (not just the mouth) when approaching the holiness of Penis, and I was just now wondering if the face about to suck is more beautiful than the face Full of Cock. A cock certainly makes certain faces look truly dazzlingly glamorous.

Not to disparage the holiness of the suck face, but my favorite is the first one from “Kansas City Trucking.” The I’m-getting-close-face.

I also wanna’ see that Crisco ad. That’s too funny. Porn companies should do that. Today’s gay porn scenes already feature so much unintentional product placement, (like brand-name undies), they should definitely get a cut.

BJ: another very expressive Jack face you could have included here was from Wanted, where he’s fucking Sam Benson and right after he cums, Sam smooshes his butt back onto Jack, trapping him against the truck so Al and Will can escape. But this is a great post, there’s lots of variety to choose from with a ham like Jack was (and I say that not as an insult but with respect, he was 110% in every scene he did and made sure the audience knew that).

Parisian: you’re right, I read on Jack’s wiki article I think, that he was starring on TV shows when he was still a kid. Plus he had all that musical theatre training over the years, so that over-the-top aspect to his performances was a natural gift and in his DNA from early on.

Johnny: that’s a great idea, what’s left of the old guard porn studios should have thought of it. Whatever they have laying around, whether it’s integral to the sex scene like underwear, jocks or lube, to the stuff hanging on the walls or sitting on tables in the background. If one of the guys in the “right in front of my salad?” clip had started pitching some brand of salad dressing (and kept a straight face) right after the stormed off, that clip could have been worth serious money for both and the brand, as viral as it went.

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