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richard woodsman

this came up a couple weeks back, and our buddy JohnnyLlama submitted more pics from David Meets the Woodsman, (1978), the film/magazine with Dick Miller (called Richard Miller here – very confusing!) and David Carter and also by David Carter! While it’s known I’m not a big David Carter fan (the face, the too much muscle focus – who knows?) this spread has stuff I dig – macho props (ax!, denim!, construction helmet! – wait, what – for chopping wood? ummm, ok….), furry torso, and that last pic really does it – tender and shows off Mr Miller’s fine fine ass!

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Well done, BJ. You pulled out some of the best images. Such a hot mag (and film)! I love muscles, so I don’t mind David Carter, although he can keep the helmet on please. That said, I admit to preferring Dick Miller. He can be my woodsman any day! And he can wear any hat he wants!

I can answer your question, BJ. When you say “hard hat” it’s much sexier and therefore justified, right? Some props/costumes are just hot. It harkens back to the physique photography era. Just put a hot guy next to a giant column. Or have him heft a sledge hammer. Or drape him in thick chains. It’s gay porn math. Naked dude + hard hat = sploosh.

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