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If this pic was taken during a break in the filming of the Timberwolves loop, that would make it 1977 probably. Was this in one of Colt’s magazines at the time, or later? If you know that is. I thought it might be a personal photo that Steve or somebody else took since they look like they’re sort of goofing around.

I was too young in 1977 but had an adult version of me time traveled back and found Al and Mike together in that outhouse, I can think of a whole lot of fun things that could have happened in there.

this image was taken from a 1978 HONCHO – but yes from the shooting of TIMBERWOLVES, as this pic as at the end of COLT’s GALLERY 16 (1977), which features the pair in about 1/2 the magazine

the other half has Mike paired with a blond who’s face I don’t think we ever see…

Love Jim French’s description of driving off into the wilderness to film with Mr. Parker and Mr. Davis – they fucked all the way there in the back of the van, they fucked non-stop on location, not slowing down while he changed film and reloaded the camera, and they fucked all the way back to LA.

I always thought that blond with Mike Davis in Gallery 16 looked like Target’s Ted Brennan, but I obviously can’t prove that. You really never see his face.

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