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elevator love

nice to see a big-dicked cocksucker, right?

Dave Connors and Glen Steers,

If I understand this correctly, they tried to use a real elevator, and the outside shots in the film are of one, but resorted to a stage set of sorts – no doubt designed by Mike Davis

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I read something about that too (though I forget where), that they at least considered sneaking into the elevator and trying to film the sex while they were already there shooting the exterior shots. By editing it the way they did it made it seem at least somewhat convincing to the viewer, which heightens the excitement. Like Rick Faulkner being filmed from across the street standing in a pay phone booth for real in Dangerous, then recording him actually taking his dick out and shooting his big load all over the inside of it which was almost certainly filmed somewhere more private.

I guess they did really film the One In A Billion car wash sex scene in Al’s van at an actual car wash, I heard they drove it through so many times the engine flooded and wouldn’t start after they were done.


Tan-lines are forever! : D

Ah, I just love when hot guys, spoon each other! Talk about “The Lovin’ Spoonful”! Yes, I do believe in magic! Some of it; is in all-male porn! : )

(Of course, you got that reference – zephyr, right?)

Yeah, you can call me a squish, or a swish! Or a squishy swish, or a swishy squish (that’s a tongue-twister)! But viewing raunch, without some warmth; can often be, pretty cold and clinical. : /

Not that I don’t also appreciate raunch! Thank you so much for your pictured reply, to “Steven+Hogard”! : P

You’re always so witty, as well as generous! : )

Both of these well-hung studs; are Porn Divos! Bravo!

I believe that “One in a Billion (1984)”, was the only time; Dave Connors ever bottomed on screen. Glenn Steers never did. But I think he must have, in his private life. How else would he have met, his tragic end?

The fact that both of them succumbed to the plague, makes this post; all the more poignant. : (

But their porn legacy; will live on forever! It’s the very definition of a Porn Divo! : 0

; )

Obsessed, welcome back!* I did indeed get your reference, it made me feel happy like an old time (porn) movie** I like watching when sexy guys are tender with each other too, especially when they are big and beefy. There are a lot of Colt scenes and photo sets that show this, to the uneducated they might see that as contradictory, like masculine men only want to flex, fuck and spit or something. But men of all shapes and sizes can display affection and show tenderness too, even when naked or hard, and that takes the porn and transcends it to another plane. C’mon c’mon and kiss all night, despite the heat it’ll be all right***

(did you get all THREE of the musical references I wished back to you? A hint, there’s a connecting thread there) :D

Did you happen to scroll back far enough to find one of BJ’s early September posts, where he highlighted the friendly competition blog of ‘gaypornobsessed’ ? He and I discussed this in the comments of a later post, I had assumed that perhaps this was one of your side projects, since you chose the word Obsessed as your handle here. While BJ thought there’s no way that could be you as the text in the blog posts doesn’t run on and on (and on, and on…) as you and I are both prone to doing in poor BJ’s comment land. The focus of that blog is definitely on the burlier, more masculine man, many vintage but a few more recent – if you’d rather not say in the public comments here I understand but I admit to being curious if this is you. Whoever the GPO blogger his, I’m grateful he included pics of himself in a side section because he’s quite sexy and well built.

Back to One In A Billion, you could be right about this being the only time Dave bottomed onscreen. Have any of you (you too BJ) ever seen One, Two, Three, Wakefield Poole’s final film?

I’ve never seen it and would very much like to, I admit my interest in it is a bit macabre since Dave died so soon after it was made, and Rydar Hansen did too by the end of the 80s. Anyway I just wondered whether Dave might have bottomed in that film as well. It’s an interesting premise from what I assume it’s like, and unfortunate with Dave’s death so soon after and Wakefield’s guilt leading him to swear off porn directing after it was done. The knowledge of what was causing AIDS was not anywhere near as clearcut as it would be even by later in the 80s, lots of alternate theories (poppers causes it! was one) and being thoroughly ignored by Reagan until just before his second term ended, ah well I typed enough here.

zephyr, my breath of fresh air! Thanks for welcoming me back, though I officially never left! : )

Believe me, there’s nothing I would rather do than respond to EVERY one of BJ’s posts! I’m never at a loss for an opinion. But real life gets in the way. Sometimes, I simply don’t have the time. : (

I’m so sleep deprived during the week; that I have to crash on the weekends. : (

Doug Dwyer, the owner of Gay Porn Obsession is situated in New York. I’m here in California. I can’t get over the fact that you actually thought “I” was he! LOL!

Though like me, he appreciates muscles and sex! : )

I have to say though, I’m very grateful for his blog. It may be dormant, but it still contains lots of great info! Especially about Ken Sprague aka Dakota, and Paean magazine!

Yes, of course I got all your music references to John Sebastian! He was always so endearing with his granny glasses and mutton chops – so talented and creative!

He wrote, or co-wrote the pop hits: “Do You Believe in Magic? (1965)”, “Summer in the City (1966)”, and “Welcome Back (1976)”; as well as sang the lead vocal!

Rather versatile – “Summer in the City” is quite a contrast to “Do You Believe in Magic?”

Here’s a bit of T.V. trivia that you may, or may not know. The (1975-1979) sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan; was originally just going to be titled “Kotter”. They changed it to “Welcome Back, Kotter” because of Sebastian’s theme song. John couldn’t find any reasonable lyrics to rhyme with Kotter.

Yeah, I tease BJ a lot, because I got him on the spot! : )

It’s so much fun to find a kindred spirit! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who appreciates affection, in all-male porn on this blog! I know that BJ appreciates it as well, but he’s too proud to admit it!

Johnny-Our Pet-Llama, appreciates it too! Where is he? Now he’s the one, missing in action! I don’t see his name, hogging up the left column of replies. : )

You know, I did rent, “One, Two, Three… (1984)” directed by Wakefield Poole. But I only vaguely remember a three-way sequence, involving Rydar Hanson, Ron Pearson, and Tom Stone.

This scene had an arty effect, situated against a black background. You see Hanson in the top right corner of the screen, looking down, and commenting about the unfolding scene below him, in third person. He sees himself joining in on the action – no music, rather quiet.

In this movie and in “Making It Huge (1985)”, I realized that the uncut Hanson; was German, because of his accent. : )

The rest of the movie, I can’t recall. I don’t think it was anything special. It wasn’t as compelling as “Boys in the Sand”. I remember every scene in that movie. Evidently, Poole only made it, to make money.

I’m always so touched and delighted, to find someone online, who appreciates vintage porn! Especially if they’re younger than me! : )

All of BJ’s readers are great! But my favorites are Johnny-My Pet-Llama, Parisian, and of course you, zephyr! I only wish that BJ had the search engine, for me to locate all of comments, of my favorites!

They had this ability, over at the now defunct, Atkol Forums! Not that I’m complaining! ; )

Okay, I better shut up now! Sorry that both me and zephyr, are “chatty cathys” BJ! But it’s a testament to your wonderful blog, that you attract such enthusiasm! : )

Thanks once again, zephyr! Stay cool and breezy! : D

Oh, BJ! So many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

I haven’t seen hide nor pubic hair of Mr. Llama either, for a few weeks anyway. I can always tell when he’s been along because he leaves multiple comments at one visit, so it knocks everyone else out of the ‘top 15’ recent ones. Kinda like when Adele, Drake or Taylor Swift release a new album, and because Billboard has changed their chart rules, for that week every one of the songs will show up on the Hot 100, one of my many peeves about the current state of the charts (and pop music) but I will nip myself from going on about that one right in the bud. I do hope Johnny returns, he’s got quite a bit of info himself, and access to a lot of the high quality scans BJ has been posting lately.

Glad you got the musical references (I fugured you would) and thanks for the review of One Two Three. That’s one I would like to see, but haven’t seemed to run across on any of the tube sites anyway. I saw some pics of Rydar Hansen when he was competing as Mr. Drummer, and probably remember him best from Heroes where teacher Cole Taylor repeatedly pronounces his name as Ry-DAR which just makes me chuckle. Also one of my big porn crushes was in that classroom scene in Heroes, called Matt Sullivan there but he was Lee Mann for William Higgins, and was the second guy to use the name Lee Stern in Aspen 2 when he got porked by OG Johnson.

Thanks again for confirming that about the GPO blogger not being you, sorry for any mix-up. Always nice chatting with you too Cathy ;)

(Dear God, please let this link work!)

Okay, BJ honey! Let me apologize in advance, if this long URL; sets off your spam filter! : /

But I think this publicity picture for “One in a Billion”, is just too wonderful to resist! : D

The color in this tame photo is a little oversaturated, but it still makes for a very sexy image! : P

Connors and Steers look great together! Call me perverse, but I actually like, glamour shots of porn stars; where they’re fully clothed! I think of it as a strip-tease, in reverse! There’s a teasing, inside element, when you’re aware of what they look like, undercover – illicit and exciting! : )

Both their suits are very flattering – stylish nude dudes! This makes me think of Colt and MenAtPlay.

Jim French would often pose his models this way, for added mystery and glamour. Dressed porn models in stills, puts the emphasis on their faces. There’s the added bonus of presenting their full humanity, as opposed to just their genitals or buttocks (not that there’s anything wrong with that). ; )

Steers and Connors are both so virile and sensual! Even without their long schlongs, they still would have been Porn Divos – Bravo! In this photo, I love that both of them have knowing expressions!

Aside from both sharing prodigious peckers, there’s another interesting detail about them. : 0

Physically, both of them are completely different. Yet it’s fascinating, how they share a few similar traits. Both of their heads and faces; have a full, similar shape, with prominent brows. Both their lower lips are pouty. And they both have great, thick, coiffed hair – nice! : 0

Once can’t underestimate the power of good grooming, even in porn! LOL! : D

The filmed premise in this elevator porn sequence, doesn’t really allow for much romantic intimacy. Both of them are just getting their rocks off (not that they’re anything wrong with that either!). : )

So for that reason, I can’t really think of them as a Dynamic Duo. Though I do think of them as a Compelling Couple! : )

Maybe if it would have been different, if they had another chance to work together. Who knows?

(Fingers crossed!) : |

Okay, as usual, I blabbered too much! Thanks! Finally, here’s the fore mentioned picture:–EsfNF5ucVnflFbsesdYnE6JO1ObPN9OUvKdIbl-B8HS6OqjLDxULGjl_5_Q4C-knjVUQ/s934/e06.jpg

Ah, BJ! So many great posts, so little time! : (

; )

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