El Paso Wrecking Corp.


OMG!!! how many times have I watched EPWC, and never noticed Stan Braddock (not to be confused with Stanley Braddock) appears twice in the film?????? And I’ve even posted clips both times he appears – at Billie’s Bar-B-Que – (“she ever see you kiss a man?” – oops, I digress) and then the “fight scene” just before the – Fred Halsted, the BOY and His Dad scene – this first clip, not on most VHS or DVD copies, includes the window-smashing portion of the scene. Later, Gene (Fred Halsted) gets hired and made foreman after taking down the foreman, who coincidentally happens to be the homophobe from the bar! who knew??? (OK, OK, JEFF in the comments knew, and pointed it out back in August).

and another thing! Stan, of course, never has sex in the movie – despite that “have a seat” mustache he’s sporting – such a shame – so thanks, Jeff, belatedly, for setting me strai… er, pointing this out!

And another thing, I was just flipping through an issue of IN TOUCH from 1978, noted the EPWC article that I’d need to get around to reading – and of course just went back and yes, Stan is indeed that guy in both scenes. always learning something new at Porno Academy, even if it’s old.

and here I’ve posted about the CHI CHI CLUB t-shirt he was wearing!!!

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It’s great that full and complete versions of these films are so much easier to find now. But the early Gage films like Kansas City and El Paso used to exist in very chopped up edits, both from the later video releases and online. So it’s understandable you didn’t get all the plot points from this one and just assumed you’d seen it all, and likely did at some point. But it’s good practice to rewatch them from time to time and see what you may have forgotten, that’s been something I’ve enjoyed doing lately too.

you don’t have to tell me about chopped up versions of EPWC!! That is THE reason this blog was started – to share info on porno at a time I was surprised there was so little – after renting the tape, being OUTRAGED at the missing parts (the bar scene where the guy was tossed through the window was just the beginning) and I returned the tape to Blockbusters (or whoever had the rental place on 8th street and 6th avenue) and demanded a refund! WHICH I GOT! and that is why i have at least 1/2 a dozen copies of the videotape, with 2 or 3 being the complete version. So I had seen the full film in the movie theatre many times, and subsequently once I found the COMPLETE videotape – so no, it wasn’t lack of access, it was sheer BLINDNESS!!

Interestingly, I thought the GAGETAPE versions would have the full versions, and alas, I discovered a few early small box versions of EPWC were complete, and the GAGETAPE version of KCTC was missing the piss scene – but I found THAT on the TMX version (later confirmed by Gage himself that a pair of lesbians ran TMX, got in trouble for the scene, and deleted it on later copies)

alas, if only I had save my early pages on GEOCITIES – anyone remember GEOCITIES?

Others were circulating pics on blogs around the same time I discovered you in the 00s, but what set you apart for me were the little blurbs of info and factoids that you either already knew, or dug around and found. And you’re right, that context is what has been missing from a whole lot of the content from that era, as it has progressed to allow bigger scans and longer and better quality clips and even full films as well. You deserve a lot of credit for that friend.

As for your geocities, that was before I discovered the earlier version of your blog on ‘weblog.bjland’ that you still link to from time to time, as you did above. Do you remember the exact web address of what you had on geocities? Maybe there are some remnants of it on the internet archive, I’ve been impressed by some of the long fallen websites that I’ve found there, that exist in at least some form:

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