Forbidden teaser

Forbidden Portraits (1982) – just the intro for now….

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Hey BJ… I noticed today that on Joe Gage’s website (on which he last posted “taking a break” in July), he has deleted all former posts and the only thing there is the Walter Cronkite sign-off, “And that’s the way it is.” -Joe Gage
Hoping this isn’t bad news, and wondering if you or your readers know anything…

alas – I haven’t been in communication with JOE in years, but for my occasional commenting on his site – and wasn’t aware it’s been closed down. Hopefully its for the best (for him); he’s certainly a giant in the industry who doesn’t seem to have been included in a lot of the resurgence in re-looks at old films, even his Tim Kincaid films that are getting the blue ray treatment are missing input from him… so, let’s hope we find out something good/new soon!

Oh BJ! Thank you! What a wonderful morning it’s turned out to be
down under, to be greeted by this post! Woo hoo!

Terrific clip. I haven’t ever seen this one, and I wish I had. It looks very compelling.

I love the inclusion of Robert W Richard’s artwork. I wonder about the credited name: Yves Anthony. Could that be a real name for RWR or just an alias they made up for the film? Or was Robert W Richards his real name? I’d love to know. You can see it’s his work in the eyes of the men he drew. It was his fashion illustrator background- the eyes always had a slightly feminine allure to them. I know a bit about the artist, but always assumed that name was an alias. I guess I should google it.

Meanwhile, I’m intrigued by this film! Need to see more. I’m a Bosch Wagner fan, and of course a fan of Roy & Bob. They look so damn hot all sweaty against that black background. Slurp!

Thanks for the post!

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