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who you may remember from such films as:

No films!!??? Figured I’d start this with a rare butt shot, as most of his pics show that gorgeous slab of meat – and even here, it’s peeking through his thighs! Still, luckily for us, he made it into a “handful” of magazines….

Tony, previously on BJland

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Target Album No1 (1981)
  • Numbers July (1981) – cover, Target
  • MANDATE June (1982) – cover, photographed by Len Tavares – 11 pages, 9 photos
  • Target Calendar (1982)
  • HONCHO December (1982) – fashion layout?
  • HONCHO January (1983) – Special Equipment (Usher)
  • HONCHO August (1986) – “Uncovered” (Usher)
  • Advocate Men August (1986)
  • MANDATE February (1987) – Usher
  • Drummer 159 (1992)
  • Hot To Pop – Target Studios

  • TONY NERO Color Photo Set (CPV-03) (1981)
  • TONY NERO Slide Set (SV-03) (1981)

scroll down (like you need me to tell you to keep looking!) for the only pics I could find of Tony WITH someone else!! Target Studio photos that are from the Hot To Pop magazine. Who would that be? Another mystery to solve!

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I love Tony Nero! My favorite photo sets are the leather ones and of course I prefer him with the beard.

Great profile!
Thanks BJ

Wait, the “Hot to Pop” magazine by Target has Tony Nero and another?

My set of scans doesn’t show that. I wonder if I have an incomplete set?

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