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Please Enter Before Knocking

I don’t usually post a lot of butt-fucking pics, but with a name like Please Knock Before Entering for the Falcon film’s title, well….

I’ve posted some pics from, or mentioned, Please Knock Before Entering (on BJland) – but usually focusing on Kirk Mannheim – but let’s not forget Ken Orsini!! oh, and man without a last name, Don.

Believe it or not, thhe magazine these particular images came from is called Hot Suckers – really, who knocks before sucking?

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Awesome! Ken Orsini is awesome. The film “Please Knock…” with this trio is awesome. This mag is awesome (other than the lame title).

The Dynamo No2 mag is also terrific, although it only has production shots of Ken Orsini and Kirk Mannheim, and no “Don” and no action.

Honestly, if it were me, I would’ve done a post on Ken Orsini before Kirk, so thanks for giving Ken his due. I’m a huge fan. Only slightly more than I am a fan of Kirk Manheim! “Don” looks hot too!

If you want, look up a watersports film that Ken Orsini did called, oddly enough, “Water Sports.” I love when things are simple. Woody originally thought it was Ed Wiley (probably because of the big dick), but I told Woody that I thought it was Ken Orsini. He reluctantly updated GEVI, for which I am thankful. See what you think:

“The Ken Orsini attribution is just a possibility made by sight on a small promo picture.” – oh. oh my! well well, YOU are right if that pic is for that film – too bad its a solo: i don’t find much “sport” in one guy simply peeing…. but then again, its KEN, so we MUST SEE IT, right?

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