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I’ll admit to not having previewed this preview – but it should be a highlight of the movies from Altomar, like Max Makes It Big, Beater’s Digest… – I remember they were pretty early in having a much more diverse casts, including older men – – tell me what you think

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“diverse casts, including older men”

I was totally into Altomar for a while for those exact reasons. I barely remember it, but I love “Max Makes It Big” simply because it has my fave Max Montoya. It also has hairy redhead Eric Rogers, who I know mostly from bareback videos of the late 1990s/early 2010s. And it has hot mustachioed Cesar Blanco.

But you asked about the Altomar preview tape. It’s pretty much what I expected- not the best preview tape. But you get enough of an idea of what Altomar was all about, while unfortunately it also shows how slightly uneven their product was. Not the highest production values. I enjoyed the clip though, because there’s so much Max. It’s like he was their flagship performer.

How long was the Preview tape? Because this video clip only shows a couple of Altomar videos: Max Makes it Big and Cult of Manhood. Most of the clip seems to be the “preview” of Max Makes it Big, which shows way more than you’d expect in a preview tape including a couple of really hot cum shots. The preview of Cult of Manhood only shows Eric Rogers walking around in the woods fully clothed before the clip cuts off. I think this is only a small part of the preview tape.

If the rest of the previews show as much as the Max Makes it Big preview did, you’d think you would hardly need to buy any of their videos.

So, pretty good clip I guess. Plenty of Max! I’d love to know who the hard hat daddy is, but he wasn’t in the clip at all. I’ll have to do a little Altomar research, but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks for the video clip BJ!

The hard hat daddy is Buddy Masters of the Altomar video “Working Stiffs” He has a great scene with big dicked Marc Mann where Marc cums so much it seemed like buckets! That final JO scene got me off for months and months watching Marc Mann spew his seed!

The song that starts at around 2:20 in that clip is also heard at the beginning of Too Big For His Britches, so it’s either by Pornosonic or SF Music Works. Because the music from that film by Multiman would be what was borrowed from The Biggest One I Ever Saw. Seems like I read something about SF Music Works, I may have even left a comment here about it. A bar or club in SF that also produced music? Drawing a blank at the moment about that part but the tune is pretty recognizable.

Just to follow up on my previous comment, so in the 80s the San Francisco Music Works was a bar/club at 2140 Market Street in SF. I found a pic of it, the words painted under the name on the front of the building said ‘live entertainment nightly’. By 1994 it became a cash-only punk bar called Lucky 13 that was around for a few decades I think, and last I heard the punk bar also closed, and the building was slated for demolition so it could be redeveloped. Though I don’t know if or when that ever happened.

Which had me curious as to how that club provided music for Britches, or where on the audio track for the film that plays. I’d say the bulk of the music from Britches was in fact by Pornosonic and the other elements were added in around the edges.

This counts as staying on topic since the music from the clip is what got me off on this tangent, but swinging back to the topic at hand, Max did have a big sexy uncut cock. And the few films I know I’ve seen him in, he was pretty good. Outpost was one of them, about a group of scientists looking for something in the desert and taking lots of sex breaks in the tents and surroundings, I remember mentioning that to you once before.

looks like I sold the full preview tape years back, in 2003 (see pic of cassette above) – so this may well be just the beginning of that tape – my notes at the time:

“The preview tape is a two hour selection of excerpts from Altomar classics, complete with titles so you’ll know which hot videos hit your mark.”

previews from these videos from the ALTOMAR catalogue:

Max Makes It Big
Cult of Manhood
Black Magic, White Heat
At Skinner Jack’s
Beater’s Digest
Uncut Gems: Diamonds in the Raw
Men: Skin & Steel
Working Stiffs
Executive Action
Real Men of the New West
Manly Persuasion: The Art of Male Arousal

each preview is from 6-13 minutes long

LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER “never shoulda sold” tape!

As per the previous comments, lots of Max is great to see and a nice diversity of cast too as you wrote. Shame there was no clip of the construction guy from cover photo. Great preview clip as definitely makes you want to see the whole films.
Thanks for posting and please continue to do so.

Wonder where you came up with the idea to do a post about Altomar? Hmmmm… You’re welcome! LOLZ! J/K Your ideas are yours alone.

glad you boys enjoyed this one – need to dig a little deeper into the archives to see what else I have – do I still have that copy of Beater’s Digest, for example?

Thanks for supplying this list – I had no idea that Max Makes it Big was an Altomar film, and I’m happy to have discovered at least the clips of him in this preview. For my money, aside from Marc Mann, the two most watchable men in Altomar’s stable are Brad Kline in Executive Action (watching his torso while getting his hose of a cock getting sucked gets me off to this day) and in Real Men of the New West, in which Tom Ward makes perhaps his only appearance, and Kline and he get it on…in a ridiculous scene that is fraught with an Altomar trick of splicing irrelevant clips from other films into a scene to extend footage, but which has the effect of ruining a great hookup. I could watch the two of them suck cock all day long. It’s a pity they didn’t fuck. At least you get to see Tom Ward in a couple other scenes in the pic. Searching for Kline, I happened to be tubing and saw the same guy in a darker hair color, but unmistakably him, in a film called Lessons from Dad, 1992, (Manhunter Studio?), in which he was billed as Martin Foster and is paired of with a younger “son” in a wrestling sequence. So what happened to Brad Kline and Tom Ward?

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