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Joe Andrews

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Breakfast In Bed – Richard Moore Studios – AKA The House Painter – (1977) – found in Falcon’s collection Double Whammy – FVP006
  • Come ‘n Take It, If Ya Can! – (1978) – solo, found in Falcon’s Help Wanted – FVP019
  • Help Wanted – (1978) – w/Dick Fisk, found in Falcon’s Help Wanted – FVP019
  • Box Boy – (1982?) – NF113 – found in the NOVA compilations Made to Order , and Policeman’s Ball
  • California Boys – (1982) – update – not that his solo scene at the onset is also found in a compilation called Male On The Rocks
  • The Drifter – (1983) – w/ J W King; probably same scene found in Close Up Productions compilation Bondage Tease ?? – both seemed to have disappeared

Box Boy – (Nova Films) – not a great copy, but worth watching

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • Odyssey #1 – (1977) – Falcon – w/Stan (Bear)
  • ROGER & Friends – (1977)
  • PLAYGUY (#14) v02 n14 – Nov 1977 – w/Stan Bear
  • PLAYGUY (#18) v02 n18 – Mar 1978 – w/Dick Fisk
  • Odyssey #2 – (1978) – Falcon – w/Dick Fisk – JOE on cover, see below
  • 250 Hot Hard Hunks – Nova – 1 pic
  • Made to Order – Nova – pics from Box Boy
  • Guise No1 – (1978?)
  • CLOSE-UP #1 – (1982) w/Todd Barron; photography by Doug Holster & Steve Johnson
  • The Drifter – (1982) – w/ J W King; photography by Doug Holster
  • NUMBERS – August 1982 – from California Boys

more Joe Andrews on BJland
Joe Andrews on GEVI

what’s wrong with this ad?

12 replies on “Joe Andrews”

wow, wow, wow

Ask and ye shall receive!! Hey Zephyr, we got our wish!

What a freakin’ LOAD of a profile of the incredible Joe Andrews. I can’t believe I said it might be a small profile. You rose to the challenge BJ. I’m gonna’ need a minute to jerk off – ahem – process all this.


Thanks BJ!!

If we rattle our cages in unison sometimes we get rewarded by our porn master (and other times we just get ignored, he’s so finicky…)

Wait, no sir, I didn’t mean it that way! It was Johnny who was acting up, not me! Oh no, not the whip again, AGGGHHHHH!

I concur with the previous comments, outstanding post. I guess you could add ‘Male On The Rocks’ to his videography, though as you noted it’s just his solo scene from California Boys in that collection.

Those catch-all compilation tapes (there were a bunch in the 90s especially) are a mixed bag, on one hand you’d often get huge runtimes on a single tape – over 4 hours! But there’s no context and after a while the thrill starts to wear off, especially since a lot of the films they borrowed those scenes from weren’t all that great to begin with.

Joe was quite lovely, great body, butt and dick as well as his face. Can’t wait to check the clips out as well. Kudos sir!

Re: ‘what’s wrong with this ad?’ towards the bottom — not sure all the guys faces match up with the cast list just below them?

Re: the music in your clips, for clip 1 (the Nova loop) – my master list says the music in the hour long collection is the same as in Heat Waves. I recognized Cerrone and the Ultimate Warlord song from the clip and since both were also in Heat Waves I’m assuming that’s right, or close anyway.

Clip 2, Joe’s wonderful solo from California Boys, those tunes sounds too good to have been made by the person credited for the music (Ruff, whoever he was). Especially that quite funky number that plays at the very beginning, and returns about halfway through. Would love to find out who did that someday and what it’s called.

There’s probably some stolen music woven into clip 3, the Falcon one as well but nothing jumped out at me. It’s got the best picture and audio quality by far of the three so I’d guess it may be a recent addition to your collection. Joe and Dick made for an excellent pairing, both very studly.

I was wondering if anyone would get to the bottom and even notice Re: ‘what’s wrong with this ad?’ towards the bottom — not sure all the guys faces match up with the cast list just below them? – you are close (although I didn’t notice that the images weren’t in order of cast listing) – look a little closer and you’ll likely get it.

normally I might not include the ‘Male On The Rocks’ compilation, but here, where it’s not noted at GEVI even, it’s a piece of info that good to have noted somewhere, so thanks! added in! NOVA and early Falcon often had the “loops” in one or more compilation type video collections – the later ones like from EZ RIDER I often don’t include.

[outdent] the gevi listing shows it was directed by Steve Scott and Toby Ross, though the poster only credits Steve for this role. As for the pics I see Ed Wiley on the right, and next to him is Brian Hawks or his other aliases, David Anders apparently here though none of his names made the cast list. I give up, you’ve honed in on something so specific I can’t tell.

I have a few of the E-Z Rider videos, another one I am in the process of getting Woody to update (correctly) is Cruisin For Lust. The first half of the tape is PS Connection 1, with Michael Ram, Kevin Wiles etc. then his listing for the rest of the tape just described it as ‘old hippie scenes’. I watched the tape, when it got to the second half the first thing I heard was ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me’ and I went searching for Aretha in my master porn music list, and came up with a match: Duffy’s Tavern, the first scene and beginning of the second. That’s when the tape reaches its end, stops playing and auto rewinds in my old VCR.

So I let Woody know this, he’s updated the page and cross linked to PS Connection but he’s got the scenes from Duffy’s listed wrong at the bottom, hopefully he’ll fix that soon as he said he would. I see your point about not listing all the collections where a scene appears and someday I’ll get around to letting him know about Male On The Rocks as well.

I give up too. I can’t find anything wrong with the ad other than what Zephyr pointed out. Only two of the cast members listed are pictured, Jim Rogers & Ed Wiley. Three of the pictured models are NOT listed. Some of the cast members, such as Beau Matthews are not pictured OR listed. It’s an incomplete cast overall. The distributor Mustang Productions is named, but the original studio is not? There’s a huge picture of the sun- like who cares? But what else??

Sorry, BJ. I don’t think I found it. I need to get back to worshipping Joe.

OK – so maybe the word wrong is wrong – if you think not correct. But I’m saying MORALLY WRONG!!!
Joe Andrews! The star of the film! In 2 sex scenes, he’s the thread that sews the scenes together, the owner of the brothel! AND NO PHOTO OF HIM IN THE AD!! clamouring for weeks for Joe, and not noticing??? you boys!!!

oh, I didn’t include the opening credits to California Boys, but did anyone notice it’s “introducing Joe Andrews” so when was this film made and/or released?

this film deserves a closer look – Toby Ross taking credit for the “interview scene” where you just want to eat up JOE ANDREWS and slap the fuck out of indifferent job applicant Glen Robertson – the films kindof a mess –

Oh now I get what you were saying, not so much a factual error or mistaken performer pictured. But rather, how dare they?!?! #JusticeForJoeAndrews!! I agree, if he was the connection between the scenes then he should have gotten top billing or at least acknowledged with a pic in the row of guys.

You can’t necessarily go by what the credits claim is someone’s introductory performance, it could just mean the first time he worked for that company. Still I’d agree that film deserves a closer look. The clips are great (as are all the pics), thanks for the hard work you put in locating everything you left here.

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