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stills from one of my favorite films, Wanted, with two of my favorite stars. Funny, the pics come from 2 magazines, the previously mentioned Skinflicks Collection, and then one of the Wanted magazines – both in my folder of auction items on hold from back in 2017. I may well still have both!

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Wanted is a great film, no doubt. I knew the plot seemed familiar but it wasn’t until somewhat recently that I realized the direct similarities to The Defiant Ones, with a few differences (mostly the hardcore sex!). My favorite scene is where Al and Will wander into Duff Paxton’s cabin still shackled together, then that night in front of the fire Al and Duff slurp all over each other’ dicks quietly so as not to disturb Will. But Will knows what’s going on and pretends he’s asleep, that adds a tension to the scene that makes it even hotter to me.

Jack fucking Sam Benson just before the guys escape is great too, especially the grin on Sam’s face when he plunges his butt back against Jack, trapping him against the truck. If anything I felt a little let down by the eventual sex scene between Al and Will, it’s hot but seems more of an afterthought instead of the logical conclusion.

Adonis Male has been a great site for finding pics of vintage (and more recent) performers and films, but unfortunately they’ve retreated into ‘you must log in to view this page’ territory within the past few weeks. I even tried opening an account there sometime last year but I got caught in a loop of answering multiple choice questions, without ever proceeding to the account creation part. Grrrr! It’s probably some extension I use to block unwanted trackers or ads that was making their site act all wonky on me, though I tried disabling them and still couldn’t jump through their hoops.

Which is disappointing in terms of finding pics for the reviews I put on reddit, their site became my go-to after google erected a walled garden around all their porn blogs. Not really relevant to the discussion about this movie but I know there were some Adonis pages about Skin Flicks that I liked checking out, when I could. I did find this site that has high quality scans of some of their mags, a few pages per issue but they’re mostly 90s issues:

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