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Colossus of Rhodes

6 photos, 8-page spread of Neal Shaw – plus cover of August 1983 issue of Mandate. I prefer the boot pics – but I’m not one to refuse a jockstrap like this one above!

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Holy cow, I just love Neal Shaw. His ability to convey sleaziness (like in that top photo) was just outstanding.

This pictorial is awesome. I believe Colt is the photographer.

I don’t get the “Colossus of Rhodes” reference though. That’s going over my head a bit. Unless it’s just a reference to his being bright and shiny like the sun god Helios. I can kind of see that in the bottom pic.

How esoteric of you! Very nice. But care to explain? Or not. Either way, I much appreciate the lovely and sleazy Mr Shaw.

“Colossus of Rhodes” – the photospread was called “Colossus”, with the explanation if the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, then….

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