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ya don’t usually see me posting cum shots, but i just dig the pic, the backdrop, the tube socks/boots combo, the NOVA branding of whatever the border is called, and of course, the pairing of these two hot men (Rick Masters & Todd Russell) from Hot Lunch – such a great film!

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tube socks and work boots

Hot Lunch

directed by: Robert Walters (1979)
Starring: Rick Masters (AKA Butch Barnes) & Todd Russell

I gotta tell you, it’s not just the minimal dialogue, but the sweet smiles each has for each other that gets me every time i watch this!


crisis averted

well, at least the one in my little head. those of you coming to DHD tonight might be pleased to know the VHS to DVD crisis was solved, the disc was delivered to Nowhere this afternoon, there will be new old porn, and it was checked out, and the reviews were, well, not bad! – “we watched some at the bar while we were decorating. AMAZING! The bridge scene made us gasp. The KISS scene was perplexing.”

see ya there, and watch yer calves if you’re wearing tube socks anywhere near me!

NOVA films socks

tube socks and balls

mmmm, Nova Films’ Ty Arthur, who you may remember from such films as Beached! and Soccer Games. damn! just two films?

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everything, delicious