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June 30, 2012


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that’s me (suprise) above, in April of 2011, goofing around with the BF in the dunes near Race Point. The same trip where I first saw Right Whales. For some reason the other day, I was poking around the archives here, and saw my first post after my very first trip to Provincetown, back in the fall of 2004. Yup, I guess I was right back then – I was just getting started!

I found the long line for the “chinatown bus” and got in it. Distracted by my thoughts, but able to keep pace with the slow-moving line that promised me onto a totally packed bus, I tried to keep my sighing to myself. Nearing the front, where a small asian woman was taking e-tickets, I looked to my left and saw another bus company’s much shorter line. Boston – Hyannis – Provincetown. I sighed, then the six people in that line turned towards me, and all started laughing. HAHAHA ha! You have to go back to New York, and we’re all going to P-Town. HAHAHAHAHA! ha!


Only a couple hours earlier, watching all the leathermen get off the fastferry as I waited to get on, an ambulance pulled up to the boat. Apparently someone got sick/passed out, and there would be a delay; is this a sign I should stay? I didn’t necessarily want to be part of leathermates weekend, but as these hairy smiling faces passed me going into town, I sighed. Why must I leave so soon? I biked, I beach-frolicked, bird-watched, picture-snapped, dunes-brunched, sunset-watched, chowder-slurped; in a hottub, on a bed, under a boatslip, and in the dunes there were other kinds of slurping. Head sunburned, feet blistered, crotch grabbed, butt – well, they tried, anyway. I laughed my ass off as a pair of seals appeared, swimming along the shore in the same direction as my barefoot hike, trying to snap pictures, having no problem keeping up with them until I exhausted myself and found a solitary spot up against the sand and ate the poorly planned meal i had in my backpack. And they appeared again, turning and diving, poking their faces out in my direction, and swimming off again, giving me another fit of laughter.


I was just getting started.


June 29, 2012

you know who, right?

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June 27, 2012

Don Hawksley

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a bit of info on our model, Don Hawksley, here

June 24, 2012


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What’s your favorite Lance movie, and why? – see this Lance videography and/or this Lance videography

June 23, 2012

pics from Drummer auctions……

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from Drummer 162 (1993)

from Drummer 165 (1993)

June 22, 2012

Bo Richards?

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This is from a magazine I may be selling soon, (Cock Rings ‘n’ Things, or something like that) the standing guy looks like Bo Richards ot me, but the other pics DON’T really look like him – whadya think?

leather drag

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from Drummer 166 (1993)

June 20, 2012

Double Headed Disco: Do You Wanna Funk?

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Do you wanna funk?

DJ Jeff Jackson and Disco Connie will show you how at the annual Gay Pride edition of Double Headed Disco.

With River and Nate behind the bar, Mr V on the door and the Popper Patrol on the floor. Plus BJ’s brazen pornology all night long.

Venture beyond the rainbow in the Judy Room. And shake your ass until the morning light.

We’re gonna lay our good lovin’ on ya!

Saturday, June 23
10pm — 4am
no cover all nite

Nowhere // 322 E 14th St // NYC

June 19, 2012

drummer 166 – Flex Gordon

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from Drummer 166 (1993)

Tom Howard (who you may remember from such videos as Party Animal Raw, Crotch Rockets and Bear Hug (the latter, he’s in 2 scenes, directed by Michael Zen) – AKA Flex Gordon – on the cover of Drummer 166.

some more pics of Tom/Flex

June 18, 2012

drummer 192

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from Drummer 192 (1996)

June 15, 2012

check out my eBay auctions, or else!

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my eBay page


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from Drummer 168 Daddy Marco Martinelli (1993)

from DRUMMER 179 (1994) – COME TO PAPA issue

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