"vintage" porn stars

nick rodgers

mmmm, we love Nick. You may remember him from such films as Grease Monkeys, Rough Cut, Rangers, Performance, Malibu Days Big Bear Nights, Colt’s Coming To the End, and Target Studios Up Tight!. It really is hard to say which is my favorite performance – in Performance it’s a solo “dance/strip” number where he’s made up to look like Kiss’s Gene Simmons (yeah, it’s kinda freaky – as he’s got KISS face make-up and Bo Derrick braids!), or the non-solo solo in Grease Monkeys where he has sex with himself; but really, I have to say the one that is sexiest may well be as the coach in The Idol, where he somehow manages to combines two cliche’s – coach w/athlete, and “you look sore, let me give you a massage” – and make them hot and believable.