El Paso Wrecking Corp. Fred Halsted Joe Gage pornoclips

Hey guys, I want you to meet your new foreman here, Gene

“He’s all yours”

El Paso Wrecking Corp.
directed by: Joe Gage (1977)
Starring: Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; Also featuring: Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Keith Anthoni (in the motorcycle scene), Mike Morris (father), Jared Benson (son), Lou Davis, Steve King, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Veronica Compton, and in non-sexual roles Georgina Spelvin (she plays the bartender), and Stan Braddock (plus other, non-credited guys from the orgies)

Another no-sex scene, BUT, this is an important scene – missing from the DVD, this is the first 5 minutes of the infamously missing Fred Halsted, the BOY and His Dad scene. Richard Locke (Hank) and Fred Halsted (Gene) have just been hired to work at the Wrecking Corp, and the foreman instinctively feels threatened by Halsted, and a fight ensues. Gene wins, the foreman (Stan Braddock – let’s discuss his t-shirt later) is fired and Gene replaces him – and as Mike Morris (in the only known speaking part on film I know of for Morris) says: “He’s all yours” – setting up the seduction of Morris’s son Jared Benson by Halsted. (Or is it Benson who seduces Halsted?) Now of course the other reason this scene is important is that if you own the DVD version, which jumps from The Gardener and the Rug Man scene which takes place as Locke and Halsted just arrive in El Paso – to the Orgy Finale. If you didn’t know the pair were now working at the Wrecking Corp., you’d be scratching your head wondering why they are suddenly having orgies in buildings that keep getting torn down, right? Right? You were paying attention to the developing plot, right?

“There ain’t a horse that can’t be rode, nor a cowboy that can’t be thowed.” (don’t ya love Richard Locke?)

4 replies on “Hey guys, I want you to meet your new foreman here, Gene”

Hey buddy… I have MANY questions for you. I have been reading your blog for 4 hours straight !
I have NEVER seen or heard of this scene, and have only viewed the next part once.
Did you post the father / son / Fred Halsted video here and I missed it ?
Thanks so much for posting !

OMG – updating a bit here and there – and I forgot just how HOT this scene is! and no sex!

Mike FUCKING Morris! Fred GODDAM Halsted!

Sorry, BJ, but your assessment of the motivation for the fight, that “the foreman instinctively feels threatened by Halsted, and a fight ensues,” is inaccurate. It wasn’t instinct; it was payback for the brawl back at the bar when our protagonist Gene (Halsted) tossed the deplorable, homophobic foreman through a plate-glass window. Halsted even utters a brief reference to this backstory, even as the brute (Braddock) is barreling into his torso: “Sorry Mr. Harris, I have some unfinished business…”

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