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I’m genuinely conflicted about this picture. The clothes in this catalog are absolutely ghastly. They should change the title to “Ah Men, Ugh Clothes!” I know it ain’t P.C. to say this, but it’s true. The style is faggy. That said, Grant and Cable are two of the most gorgeous hunks of man-meat to have ever lived. Gordon’s magnificent; the way his ass fills out those girly jeans; how his back and shoulders bursts out of that shirt, which looks more like a blouse. I know this catalog is a collector’s item. I think I’ve seen all of the catalogs on the net or on Ebay. Yes, it’s worth looking at because of all the classic hot guys who posed for it: Dakota, Jim Cassidy, Jack Wrangler, Paul Barresi, Ty Arthur, Bob Knoll, Erron/Jeremy Brent, Shawn Wilson. (Anyone else?) But the tacky, funky clothes are another matter all together. The seventies had great music, movies, and porn, but not fashion. I must be channeling Mr. Blackwell. Please, for the love of porn, do not under any circumstances, post these two particularly painful pictures from this catalog! The one where Gordon Grant and Bob Knoll (he’s tall!), wearing matching black disco outfits, are both lifting a soap opera star (what’s her name?) in the air like a couple of chorus boys. Sheesh! Or the picture where Grant is wearing a short, orange and black, tiger designed matador jacket with black pants. Argh! Both these pictures make me want to cry. His majesty, Sir Gordon, deserved much better.

Oops! I meant to write tiger design, not tiger designed. Another porn guy who modeled for this catalog was Jim Hughes.

I always like to be completely thorough.

Since this post, I’ve discovered that the name of the soap opera actress that I mentioned above (“what’s her name?”) is Jeanne Cooper. She died May 8, 2013 at age 84.

I don’t claim to be a soap opera expert. The only soaps I followed back in the day were “Dark Shadows (1966 – 1971)” and “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (1976 – 1977)”.

She was quite a veteran. So I have to give her credit. Imagine being on “The Young and the Restless” for 40 years (2013-1973)!

I’m sure she had her gay fans. I wonder if her straight fans knew she posed in a fashion catalogue, geared toward gay men?!

I wonder if she knew that the models lifting her were from gay porn – Gordon Grant, and nude model, Bob Knoll?! What a crazy world!

From my end, I had no idea that she was the mother of actor, Corbin Bernsen, so there you go. Once again, what a crazy world!

While we’re on the subject of crazy, I still maintain that the fashions in Ah Men (Ugh Clothes!) were absolutely ghastly! But those models …!

This still is a great picture! Thank you BJ!

The virility of both Gordon Grant and Bill Cable transcend the silliness. : /

; )

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