Young Stallions

Young Stallions
directed by: Joe Serkes (197?)
Starring: Joe Markham (aka Joe Markhum, Joe Markum) – only one I can identify

what I’m seeing here doesn’t seem to match anything as listed in the Gay Erotic Video Index’s listing – perhaps just a different film with the same title? But besides the hot t-room sex, the voiceover is just fanfuckintastic!

update/edit: thanks to Gary below, we also have the magazine from this hot scene –

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the description for that one doesn’t seem to show him in a bathroom, and this clip shows him and one guy in a bathroom, no?

I know this is in the video “Cram Course” distributed by Magnum-Griffin according to GEVI. It’s got 3 Markham loops (among others) – the bathroom scene shown above, a bedroom scene where he fucks the huge Ray Fuller, and a prison scene with that ugly dude with the ginormous ropy looking cock you show in some of your other Joe Markham posts (in one pic he’s kind of sitting on the ugly dudes’ head – in the other the ugly dude is sticking his tongue out towards Joe’s cock, and Joe’s hand is on the top of dude’s head – you can’t see Joe’s face).

The other fellow in the film is Sonny Scott. I have a copy of the magazine “TeaRoom Twosome: with Sonny Scott and Joe Markham.” (no publisher, date, or printer indicated in the magazine.) The photos in the magazine are still photos from the film. The photos in the magazine are accompanied by the tale authored by Sonny Scott, “Through the Glory Hole.”

Another website provides “Russ Kelly” as Markham’s filming partner. (I don’t have a ready explanation for this discrepancy.) See the details provided for the loops in “Erotica Video 10” (

Come in the Glory Hole 200′
Russ Kelly Ab, Joe Markhum At
Learn why this film is ranked as one of the most exciting ever made. It opens with JOE MARKHUM fucking RUSS KELLY’s beautiful buns through a glory hole. The guys strip down and Russ is soon riding Joe’s magnificent nine-incher. And when Joe shoots—you know it—gob after gob of milky love juice erupts from his super potent prick.

IMDb provides a 1971 date for the film (as well as stating the film partner to be “Russ Kelly”):

Hope this helps.

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