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Michelangelo of Male Photography

Gordon Grant, Wilfried Dubbels, Bob Bishop, others

Roy Dean Nudes (1977) (grrrrr, errrr) (1987)

check this out – a whole bunch posted here – Laudiel’s Blog – Nudes By Roy Dean; in fact, he has several Roy Dean posts over there.

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Hey BJ, I don’t mean to be a schoolmarm; always correcting you. But evidently Roy Dean published two versions of “Roy Dean Nudes” ten years apart. The original “Nudes” was indeed published in 1977. But this one is actually “Roy Dean Nudes: Master Images” published in 1987. Scroll down to Roy Dean:

There’s also an original “The Dean’s List” and “The Dean’s List: Hawaii” so I understand the confusion, believe me. I didn’t know there were two versions either. I bought the above magazine on Ebay, only to be disappointed to learn that Gordon Grant was only on the cover. The original was similar, but had more pictures from what I understand. Maybe more pictures of Grant and Bob Bishop. This one has fewer pictures, but includes some newer models from the eighties. As you can see, the second still is of porn star Brad Phillips. He would have been underage in 1977. The #7 and #17 model, also posed for Colt Studio. Notice his big hair from the eighties.

I cut out a small picture of my beloved Gordon that was taken by Dean. I wish I knew what magazine it was that I later threw out. It could have been “In Touch”, “Jock”, “Numbers”, who knows? This was before I knew about Ebay. Now I’m kicking myself. It’s a color image of him where he’s drifting in a pool. He lying on a long flotation mattress with his leg bent up at the knee and his hand behind his head. It’s so beautiful and hot. The sunlight really emphasized the contours of his muscles and the texture of his skin. Plus he has a large hard- on flopped over on his stomach that looks like an eel. “Man of Moods” has a version of this picture at a different angle, and sans the erection. I was hoping that maybe “Nudes” had this picture, but as I said before, I was duped. Maybe it’s in the original, but who knows? I’ve given up hunting for either 1977’s “Nudes” or the magazine that I foolishly threw out. Sigh.

Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out, but I can’t help it. I’m a porn geek. The link to Laudiel’s Blog is fantastic, even if it is in Spanish! Thanks!

no problem at all – glad to have the corrections! Was wondering why with 20 pics from the magazine, there were none of Gordon Grant!

Glad you took it that way. Did you noticed that the bottom right corner of this picture has “Revised Edition” on his coffee cup? Isn’t it fun to notice which models posed alternately with either Roy Dean, Colt, or Target? Or Fox, Zeus, Paean, Man’s Image, Cosco, or Griffin International/Magnum Griffin, for that matter. Any other great studio?

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