There is a party, everyone is there

The band in Heaven plays my favorite song

Look at the staff at L.A.’s SPIKE back in 1978! Is there a single man without facial hair????? And can you spot two very special bartenders in the pics?

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I know! I know! That’s Dan Pace and Mike Morris on the lower left side. For a second, I thought the guy on the right in a cowboy hat was Jason Steele, but he looks too thin. In the early eighties, I went to a leather/denim bar in Silver Lake called “Detour”. The bartender was Clay Russell, wearing a leather vest, bare underneath. Around the same time, I stepped into a bar on Santa Monica Blvd. and saw Lance playing pool. I heard that Zak Spears used to be a bartender at “Faultine”, a leather hang-out on Melrose Ave. I’ve read that Bob Bishop, Erron/Jeremy Brent, and Steve Kelso, also used to tend bar back in the day. We queers are either drunk or horny.

ah, Steve Kelso – remember his website, Hairway to Steven?

and yes, youwin the prize – a gold star!

Oh dear lord! I remember Hairway to Steven. That was the first site I went to when I was a young man. Made me fall in love with Steve Kelso….. *sigh* The days of the internet before you had to have a credit card.

Hey BJ honey, I found out where these two bar pictures are from. Did you guys get In Touch Magazine, out there on the East coast? It was a great magazine, based here in L.A., from 1973 through 2004.

Strangely enough, I used to own this Issue #34, from 1978. I’m surprised that I forgot these pictures, were in there.

There’s a great website that you should regularly visit. I’ve mentioned it before. The Vintage Gay Blogspot was started in 2011. There’s lot of great vintage gay news, history, and information. They mention all the national bath houses, beauty pageants, porn theaters, magazines, advertising, etc. throughout the years. It’s way better than Vintage Gay Media.

The only gripe I have about it, is that there’s way too much coverage of “male lingerie” catalogs, like Undergear, International Male, Malepak, Prevail Sport, and of course, the ghastly “Ah Men”. Plus the fact also, that the images take forever to download.

Scroll all the way down to the #19-23 (!) pictures:

There are lots of great images that you can “appropriate” (i.e. steal) for you website. I especially like this picture of Dan Pace. You can enlarge it. As you know, it’s especially hard to find pictures of him, where he directly looking into the camera, and not wearing sunglasses.

I’m guessing that Dan Pace aka Rocky Genero, worked at The Spike, before he got into porn. : )

oh my! have to review and reply when i’m not on a tablet on a moving bus. and yes, i believe i have that site bookmarked

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