Michael Christopher

Trick Time
directed by: Joey Yale (1984)

Hmmmm, I had dismissed Michael Christopher (who you remember from such films as: Skin Deep, Shore Leave, Tony’s Initiation, What the Big Boys Eat, Pleasure Beach, Rodeo, Printer’s Devils, Gayracula, and many others) as just another guy with a huge reliable cock and a not-so-good face. But viewing this interview taken from the Fred Halsted produced Trick Time made me like him, and take a closer look at his performances – check out Skin Deep or Pleasure Beach to get an idea what I mean – sexy and, well, rather adorable!

update: – search results for Michael Christopher on (some of) bj’s gay porno-crazed ramblings

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I have Skin deep and Pleasure Beach starring Michael Christopher. You’re right about him not being all so good looking, but that kind of makes him all the morny horny cos he got a huge cock to die for, knows how to use it and to shoot from. Pity I was only 4 when that film was made :-(

Ive found a film with him called ‘The Arousers’. From what I can gather it’s the follow up to Pleasure Beach as is roughly based again on that concept. He’s ditched the 80’s style wet perm hairstyle for a much shorter version. I haven’t been able to establish the plotline properly yet cos keep skipping and replaying his sex scenes :-)

I remember a quote from an old edition of Adam Film World; went something like this: “Michael Chrsitopher; a bisexual who got married, settled down and left the gay porn business…”. I first ‘came across’ (ahem) him and his amazing cock/balls getting a blow job in “A few good men”. Amazing!

I love this guy to pieces, but too often his hair doesn’t look right, whether he wears it in a long mop or cuts it short. Or when he dyed it blond. Ugh! You’d think being around gay men, he would have found a decent hair stylist. Regardless, he’ll always be one of my absolute favorites; a true porn legend.

And I just stumbled across what must have been the only STRAIGHT film he made in his career. Two blow job scenes from a 1984 Swedish Erotica/Caballero feature called Stiff Competition. I was taken aback a little bit, but I guess he didn’t really have to do much.

Hi and THANKS for your blog site and your HUGE insight into my favorite era of print and film pornography. I will try to stay on task and on topic, but please pardon me if I gush…sooooo many wonderful moments of my life, memories of my sexual experiences, evolution and growth are right here.

I want to mention that his(Michael Christopher) favorite love scene is from the movie ‘Pleasure Beach’….for the ‘Realness Factor’, or ‘Believeability’, that is probably my most favorite sex scene, I can see and feel the chemistry between the two actors as being authentic or genuine. The music for the scene was/is very effective, sucking me right into the center of the emotion, so moved, I cried at the beauty of this scene more times than I care to admit to, or could count.

I am new to your blog site, but have been here for several days, practically non-stop. You and your work are wonderful. Thanks !

Like many, Michael Christopher was an amazing performer who did a lot of bad movies. His greatest really is ‘Best Little Warehouse in L.A.’. He displays awesome versatility with hot men; topping a young blond boy, submissively bottoming like a champ for monster cock legend Giorgio Canali, and a 3way with two blond punks, taking one guy’s dick in his beautiful butt while fucking the other with his own incredible sperm snake. Minimal story, beautiful photography and many smokin’ hot scenes.
“Class Reunion’ was another good one and he was prominently featured, fucking a young blond by the pool during a huge orgy. His scene was one of the highlights of what should have been a much better movie overall.
He had a dopey friendly face and an amazingly sculpted body. He wasn’t much of a cocksucker but his dick was unmistakably huge and he could take as good as he gave, though he mostly only gave – a precursor to Matt Ramsey, though he only sucked Rick Donovan while Ramsey became a star taking Rick’s dick up the butt.
He came on like your jock buddy, all horned up from a rough and sweaty rugby match and accompanying shower. He had a firm and loving touch, back in the day of versatile buddy sex, before Jeff Stryker innovated the aggressive dominating top style. He has always been one of my all-time favorites.

before Jeff Stryker innovated the aggressive dominating top style.

I wonder if Stryker really did this. Or, if he did, it was only him and not others working at the same time. I definitely don’t ever remember seeing him as bottom, and I don’t remember ever enjoying him once. He was a real bore and never varied.

Fail to see him as an innovator of anything, frankly, but maybe there was something specific about his dominant attitude. It’s definitely gone now, with only a couple of total dominants in current porn. If you look at Lucas Porn, there’s hardly a one who isn’t extremely versatile, no matter how alpha. One or two–Sir Peter comes to mind, but super alpha types like Max Arion and Jeffrey Lloyd are just as hot when getting fucked. Bromo has Bo Sinn, the absurdly tattooed bionic fuck boy from Quebec City who, like Stryker, fucked women in movies too–but Bo Sinn is actually quite a beauty even with the tattoos (although he’d have been better without most of them–at least there are very few on his Monster.) I have seen Bo suck cock and very well once, but Stryker never. I just don’t know what the fuss was over–there are and were many bodies and cocks the equivalent or better during his peak, before and after. He was just the most famous, along with John Holmes, I guess.

Trying to think back to Stryker’s peak in the 80s and early 90s…there was still Surge Studios doing most of its work during that time, and although silicone and pumping are still done, I don’t see it in any of the contemporary films, so that’s mostly by the wayside (at least in porn, I run into a Silicone Monster sometimes IRL still).

But, for the most part, all the biggest porn studios have popular regulars who often top but are almost always very versatile, including a lot of hung bottoms. Which is much better, Stryker’s ‘reign’ was indeed tiresome, and at the tail end of going to actual theaters, one of his was almost always showing. I don’t think he had a charismatic personality, but plenty must have–he became rich.

I saw Michael Christopher in a number of things first-run. He has huge numbers of extreme fans here, and was always very good, just not up there for me with, say, Mark Rutter and a few others of the period and later periods, including several of the Cadinot boys B.j. has posted. During the Surge period, simultaneous with Stryker, were the “Cade Cousins”, as B.J. calls them, were much more my type as well. There was very little about Christopher at GEVI and smutjunkies, to my surprise. He was a major porn star in the late 70s (and early 80s?)

I’ve seen the late 70s listed as a starting point for Michael Christopher’s career in porn but have never come across anything dating before 1982.

same here – 1982 seems to have been the beginning – need to finalize my MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER filmography page……finally found a photo I love for the top pic.

I always loved Michael too! Gorgeous body and I thought his face was just fine! I remember back in the late 70’s a friend and I were in the lobby of the Bijou Theater in Chicago looking at videos for sale and he was outside in front talking to a woman with a stroller. I wondered if she was just a friend/relative or wife. Why would he be standing in front of this place? He looked very nice in person. If he were alone, I wonder if I would have said hi. If he’s still alive, I hope he still looks sexy. Even with grey hair!

I also find his facial feature rather attractive. He is not your pretty boy, but he was handsome in my opinion.

gosh – i have no idea (but I have not heard that he died, so don’t know if any part of that is true)

Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews were my first favorite porn actors. very masculine and good looking to boot… Paul Carrigan was also a fav.. I like men who do dick.. no high maintainice types for me.

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