COSCO Studios

Butch In Heat

from In Heat, No. 5 1979, an In Touch For Men publication

photos from Cosco Studios; and as far as I know, appeared only in a photospread with his curly-haired partner, but no film (boohoo!)

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Dry your eyes BJ! There is a movie. This photo spread is from the loop, ‘Call Me Ruf and Ready’, which is included in Cosco Studio’s ‘Earth Man’ from 1979. Neither of their names is listed.

Wasn’t McAlister fantastic? He wasn’t handsome, but he sure was, well, butch. You can immediately tell he was in the Marines. It’s unfortunate that his photoset with Colt Studio, under the name of Stash Pulaski, is no longer available. Like Jim Cassidy, he was among the forgotten Colt men.

He and Clay Russell must have been lovers. They posed together for Paean Studio. They were the hottest thing in The Boys of Venice. In Nova’s Head for the Showers, Butch, again paired with Russell, is named John Towers. It’s a shame that he only made three films.

Stash Pulaski!!?? hubba hubba – had no idea….. but the COSCO stuff from Earthman, what was I thinking? I’m sure I have an Earthman mag somewhere buried in here….

You guys are forgetting The Fox Studio classic “Muscle Up”
Butch Barnes, Dennis, Mario, Billy

Obsessed: what would we do without you and your pinpoint accurate info – we hang our heads in shame and raise our voices in gratitude! Thanks, in other words ;-)

You’re so very welcome Bryan! I’m honored! But it’s BJ who should get all the credit for setting up this wonderful blog, posting great pictures, and introducing me to GEVI. I bow at his feet. (But that’s all!) : )

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