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Way to go BJ! How did you find this great picture and fascinating link? He had a great distinct presence, didn’t he? Like Mike Wolf, he was hot,rugged, and endearing. Though he never appeared on film, I still consider him a porn star because of the wonderful still pictures he made with Roger, for Target Studios. They looked great together. My main criteria is that a model make man-to-man contact, either on film or in stills. It’s curious how some nude models, would do some pretty explicit still pictures, but wouldn’t cross over into film. Studios like Paean, Zeus, Colt and Target, had a number of these spectacular examples. Just at the top of my head, I can think Rod Kasznar, Manfred Speer, Will Garret, Alex Stark, and King Donovan. Someone should really pay homage to these stars on the net. It’s nice to see them on so many porn tumblr sites and blogs. They haven’t been forgotten. Thanks!

picture is from IN TOUCH 31 (Sept/Oct 77), no photographer credited. Link found a long time back, and especially like the “Ron on the Cross” images! (like this one) Wish I could find some of his ROCKSHOTS work.

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