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R.J. Reynolds and J. W. King

from a magazine called Tubs, but is it also from the film called Jockstrap?

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Yes J W with RJ Reynolds. RJ started in str8 porn in the late 70’s often uncredited, but quickly went into gay porn. RJ & JW often paired together in gay porn.

Three Day Pass, Closed Set, Wet Shorts and apparently A Night at Halsted’s, but I don’t remember him in Halsted’s.

R.J. Reynolds was only in a few gay porn films. He was bisexual. He was in much more straight porn. Gorgeous guy, died in the late 80s of cancer.

I’ve read several sources that claim that they were in fact real-life lovers. They were of course famously paired in the Joe Gage classic “Closed Set” though RJ was uncredited then too. Who can forget though his scene at the end of the film (apparently, shot first) with him lying on the workout bench… He was in a lot of straight porn as has been mentioned, though never as far as I know in bisexual features. He seemed to enjoy fucking chicks as much as sucking cock! As has been said, handsome man…

nope – watched the whole movie, no trace of R J Reynolds – but had forgotten Derek Stanton is in it!

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