"vintage" porn stars Al Parker

Parker & Brubaker

I wish I had a better version of this pic! Many of you know I kinda obsessed on this pairing here, here, and here, and yet some guy reviews the only film this adorable couple are in together, and their scene AIN’T EVEN MENTIONED IN THE ENTIRE REVIEW! Anyhow, I think this pic comes from a magazine called Hard Night, but not sure – so if anyone knows what magazine this pic comes from (or if you have and want to send it to me – heehee!) lemme know.

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Lee Brubaker is a paragon of his time and place. And you are doing more than anyone alive to boost his reputation. I think he is as handsome, in a cuter, sweeter way, as Al Parker and is so fucking sensual as he gets his ass rimmed by the legend.

Am I the only one who thinks Lee Brubaker looks like a young Paul Krugman?

Yes, the magazine is called “Hard Night:” good photography, lots of close-ups, no date or any other publishing information.

garsh, i must’ve googled dozens of Paul Krugman pics and seen nothing that looks like Brubaker!

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