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beard in face, or face in ass?

Turned On!
directed by: Al Parker & Steve Scott (1982)
Starring: Al Parker, Sky Dawson, Beau Matthews, Jim King (AKA J.W. King), Gian Carlos, Joel Thomas, Greg Dale, Jim Rodgers, Bob Moore, John Trent, Lee Brubaker, Rick Faulkner; special appearance by Scott Taylor; cameos by Mike Davis and Steve Taylor. Original music by FORBIDDEN OVERTURE; additional music by WINSLOW WASHINGTON

OK, so I know 8 days ago I promised to re-post this in 2 days, but, well, whatever. It is one of those wonderful, yet painful clips. Wonderful because it is AL Parker, and his body and face just drive me crazy (in the good way); wonderful because we have my little “turned-on cub”, Lee Brubaker twitching his cute little ass, trying to get Al’s attention, and Lee looks edibly fantastic. But painful in that Lee’s scene is perhaps 4 minutes at most, and also, I have a terrible time deciding which “role” I’d like to play – lucky Lee having Al Parker bury his face in my ass; or luck Al, burying my face in beautiful Lee’s wonderful ass. sigh.

5 replies on “beard in face, or face in ass?”

Love, love, love that cub! I remember seeing that film years ago and just found him stunning – cute, sexy and sweet!

um, hmmmm, i know how you feel, man, but i don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but Al, well………

I know I know. It was meant tongue-in-ass, I mean cheek. And Zombie Al would probably bite my dick off trying to get at my brain.

Hehehe. One of the first bears I met, now going on 20 years ago, went to high school with Al Parker. And, no, they never Got It On, much to Steve’s both amusement and regret.

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