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How he got the story

The frustrating part of this little film, How I Got The Story (1982), is that I don’t think we ever learn how Beau Matthews got the story, or even what the story was supposed to be. Just a bunch of hot sex in the great outdoors with Michael Christopher.

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I love this loop and the picture magazine that it spawned. Every still is hot. I would say that “How I Got the Story” and “It’s the Life” are probably my two favorite loops, from Nova Films. The later starred Giorgio Canali and Bill Curry.

Michael Christopher came along during a pivotal era in gay porn. It’s remarkable how much technical and artistic ground he was able to cover, in the short period (1982-1985) of time that he was in the spotlight.

Most of his work was photographed on film, but he still managed to make a handful on videotape. Studios like Nova, Fox, and Colt, were still making loops with no audio, but he also made feature length movies with story-lines. He was among the porn stars that were spared during the scourge of A.I.D.S. One of his last films was 1985’s “Lifeguard”, an instructional safe sex video. In it, he indulges in some mutual masturbation with Leo Ford.

I think Christopher is especially sexy in “How I Got the Story”. He’s photographed so he looks raffish and dashing. I wish that top picture didn’t crop off his head, but at least it accentuates his great body.

He definitely had one of the best physiques in porn. He was distinctly full bodied, not wasp-waist-ed. Yet he still had lean hips and a flat stomach. His upper body was powerfully sculpted, but he wasn’t muscle-bond. He moved very gracefully. I love watching him fuck. He looks so strong and sturdy, that he almost seems to blend in with those trees around him.

Beau Matthews was such a cute hottie. He and Christopher looked great together here, as they did in “Pleasure Beach”. It’s a testament to their appeal, that both of their duos seem fresh.

It’s remarkable how lyrical the settings are in “How I Got the Story”. It starts off in a pool grotto with a waterfall. It moves to an area with some trees. And then it ends in a field with flowers, where they go at it again, after some sleep. I even like the Costello Presley song me that underscores the action. (“Make love to me. Make love to me. “) The music must have been appropriated from a film by William Higgins.

It’s pretty thorough for a loop. I love how it ends. You read what reporter Beau Matthews, has written on his typewriter. “Michael Christopher is all man!” Indeed! ; )

oh no! I also have fond memories of this film, and love this pairing (see them in Pleasure Beach , and the orgy finale in Skin Deep but I don’t think they do much, if anything, together)…. but I just watched it, and should have most definitely turned the volume down! I was actually watching try to find the porno film that includes Cerrone’s Supernature , and was trying to zip through some NOVA Films, thinking they were the most likely culprits… but UGH to “make love to me” droning on and on and on…. gotta disagree on that note!

but yeah – great film, they are both very handsome, and the ending, indeed!

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