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Donnie Russo

I dunno, I kinda dug “early 90’s” Donnie, before he got overly tattooed

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I heartily agree – I think he looks his best here. Soon after he would spend every waking moment at the gym getting bulked up to ridiculous proportions (pharmaceutical help??) and cooking himself almost black under sun lamps. He would look quite different by the late 90’s. To each his own I guess. On another note, I wonder where this pic was taken as there’s a rather interesting wall painting behind him!

Thanks BJ! Love all the vintage pics.

I’m with you there. Tattoos are the scourge of gay porn. To be fair though, I did think the heart tattoo with the ribbon that says “Booger”, which he has on his big rump, was rather amusing. He did go overboard with the ink, eventually. He didn’t look quite as hot and in shape in his later films. I also didn’t like his predilection for kink, fetish, and piss (YUCK!). I can’t say I like this picture that you picked. I must prefer this one:

To his credit however, I have to say I loved him in his early films. He was a great performer; a total sex machine. In a Manshots interview, he stated that he could pretty much have sex with anyone. He described it as “flicking a switch”. You notice how many of his titles have the word “pig” or “cop”.

He wasn’t handsome, but he had tons of macho magnetism. It was the same type of blue collar appeal that you see in other porn stars like Zak Spears, Moose, Butch McAlister, or Glen Dime. He would fit right in with the cast of Jersey Shore.

The 90’s were the decade of pretty, collegiate types in porn. He, like Zak Spears , Steve Regis, Chance Caldwell, Chris Steele, Cole Tucker, Ace Harden, etc. provided a nice macho contrast.

For a porn star, his acting isn’t bad at all. He even has a sense of humor about himself. In a Hothouse video interview, I loved how he described himself as really “blossoming” in his work that year. You got to love a guy who has a pet dog has named Pookie.

And he’s very uninhibited. He’s pretty much up for anything. In a fascinating scene from, “On the Mark”, he actually bullies slight, Dave Logan, into fucking him. One of my favorite pictures of his, has got to be 1992’s, “Find This Man”. He show a surprising, sweet tenderness with Danny Sommers.

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