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The Gardener and the Rug Man

looks like its from The Gardener and the Rug Man scene – but alas, I don’t recall anything in the film with these two pissing (and artfully colorized)

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Sublime. The few times I’ve done it–either end–I like the Prick in the mouth–it’s more intimate, and either one has to really know how to drink. But for photography, this is the only way or you can’t see the Piss, of course.

About 1986, I got the black NBC weatherman Al R., who was slumming a little at the Bijou when it was a huge place, to fill himself with water for almost an hour, and then made him piss about a half gallon down my throat, we were both totally on poppers, and it all made me hallucinate that I was Jesus Christ. Jesus, that was hot and delicious and totally sinful, one of the highlights of my life. I then drank his cum. Wild, man, wild. I’d be up to doing it today. I love good restaurants.

Colorization is perfect.

Are you saying the guy drinking is Lou Davis (Sam Benson)?

I don’t see any pics of him with a pierced left ear ring. I’m not positive that this guy drinking is the same guy (Lou Davis).

Any idea where this pic was scanned from?

Lou Davis, yes. Sam Benson, while having a similar look, is a different guy (OK, only 90% sure but I’d bet money). Good question on picture’s source, I don’t currently know (I’ve tried to get better about sources). I have no doubt that director Gage may well have asked him to remove the earring for the film. I’ve watched that scene so many times, that face! yes, it’s Lou.

I agree that Lou Davis and Sam Benson are not the same.

It brings up an interesting question though. The fact that the photo is colorized, and the angle obscures the face, and that many bearded men tend to have a similar look- all of that throws the drinking man’s identity into question, at least somewhat. I would really like to think that this is Lou Davis, because he’s super hot, but it’s hard to be 100% certain.

I wish we knew the source. It’s such an incredible photo. It really looks like Lou Davis, doesn’t it? The way the hair is cut at the top. I wish there was more of Lou Davis, just in general. It would be wild if the photo was part of a series.

Just random thoughts about Lou Davis now. Time to sign off.

Thanks again BJ, for another trip through Wonderland.

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