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Ron Stevens, Chuck Stears, Bud Wilson, Clay Hughes

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So many porn loops I’ve seen in my youth, seem to blur in my memory. I actually remember this one, because of the bunk beds. I find the older men standing up, to be sexier and far more compelling, than the younger ones sitting down. I believe the sensual, mature guy on the far left is Bud Wilson. Unfortunately, this seems to be his only video. I’ve searched in vain, to try to find another one.

Because of your site and Tumblr, I’ve re-discovered Ron Stevens (far right). He was quite a hot guy. I wonder why he didn’t make that much of an impression on me in hindsight.

Evidently, although he did some print work, he didn’t make that many loops. Aside from “Shivaree!” he also did “Warehouse Load”, and “Illegal Entry”, all under the name of Ron Stevens.

However, I’m pretty sure that he also did an earlier 1976 loop called, “Scoring a Basket” under the name, Ron Cameron. His chest is hairless, but it still looks like the same long torso.

I say that Ron Stevens and Rod Cameron is the same guy. What do you think?

“I say that Ron Stevens and Rod Cameron is the same guy. What do you think?”

yes! did i ferget to hit “post” 3 years ago?

I think this was when you upgraded, and some (or all?) of your contained replies, were lost. If I recall correctly, you said you weren’t sure, because of the angle of the “Cameron” GEVI profile photo. But now you have more substantial and extensive proof! Thank you Buck Naked! We scored a “basket”! ; )

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