"vintage" porn stars

Jobsite or Job Site?

Eric Ryan and Curt Hansen on Ryan’s Cadillac

and a clip from the film (but not from this scene)

the left (top) is the older, oversized box; the right(bottom) is the later, smaller box packaging (note: previous layout those were side by side)

2 replies on “Jobsite or Job Site?”

As I’m sure you know, gevi has it listed as two words and not one. Apparently so do at least some of the sources that they used to compile their movie page. It kind of looks like one word on the logo design of one of the covers, but it’s more clearly two words on the cover on the left.

It’s pretty frustrating that so many porn movies act as though spelling is an afterthought, be it the name of the film, the actors, directors, whatever. Not just from the perspective of making a person, or company, look stupid (that’s what I always think), but also for future generations who are sincerely interested in researching this kind of thing. It makes it a lot more challenging for sites like yours or gevi to get the names, faces, dicks and titles all matched up correctly.

I should get off my lazy ass and pull out the video, and check the opening credits. In all “fairness” to the makers of vintage porn, I imagine many had no clue folks would be interested decades later – so I might go easier on the original producers…. but HIS video, and others, who took films and transferred to VHS, only to chop them up, entire scenes missing, made box covers with models not even in the movie, etc – yup, very very frustrating (but does create a hobby for some of us!)

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