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Lee Marlin

Could he really have done all his porn work from 1979 to 1982?

A few titles: Down On The Farm, Just Blonds, Politics Be Damned, Boys From Riverside Drive, Pinning A Buddy; and an incomplete videography over at Al’s gay porn stars

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Yeah, that sounds about right. He seemed to retire, right before the advent of video. Great pictures, by the way. I have to say, I adore this little bumpkin. He’s one of my favorite, vintage hotties. For the life of me, I don’t get why Kip Noll was more popular. I love Marlin’s attitude in his films. He always seemed so cheerfully insatiable, greedy, and hedonistic. His eyes were always filled with mischief. He also looked pretty adorable wearing an assortment of hats. In my mind, he’s the Huck Finn of gay porn. I wonder why Falcon never used him. He was probably too scrappy for them. I also appreciate that he did a moving pictorial, with both of those rugged Italians, Dan Pace and Paul Barresi. He looked great in stills. He obviously was named after Lee Marvin. It was probably during Marvin’s famous palimony suit, when the idea was first hatched. One last thing, I noticed you’re now concentrating on the younger guys of porn, as opposed to posting about the usual hunks. : )

His name was Lee McKinney I was in one of his movies with him hold the Grease Monkey’s my name was Richie Shaw in the movie back in 1978

Wow, BJ honey! I really need to thank you for this discovery that I somehow missed! I could kick myself in the head! It just goes to prove, how invaluable your website is! You’re always full of surprises!

I was the biggest fan of Al’s Gay Porn Stars. I was heartbroken when it shut down. I used to post pictures from it, when I would write about a porn subject on Atkol Forums.

I had no idea that this website was archived by this Wayback Machine. How and when, did you find this out?

Granted, it isn’t as good as the original website. You can’t enlarge a lot of the pictures, and a lot of the URLs are broken, but the basic information is somewhat intact.

It’s still pretty invaluable, especially about vintage porn. It’s pretty confusing to figure out when the images and information were captured.

The original website was so easy to navigate and accessible. There was so much information at the click of a mouse. However, this archive is still something to appreciate. It’s no GEVI, but I really can’t complain.

Google shut down so much great porn. Look at what happened to Tumblr. But not all hope is lost. You can still find some Tumblr sites on Tumbex.

Just goes to show you, that you can’t keep porn away from us queers! One way or another, we’ll find a way! Thanks once again! You can bet that I’ll be coming back to this post, to use Al’s link! ; )

I heard he passed away, on the street, hustling after his porno career was over. I adored him. The boy next door. Nothing but all American masculinity. Imagine how thrilled I was at the Eros performance in 80 he did with Kip Noll in NYC when he leaned down from the stage and whispered “come backstage” in this 20 year old’s ear. I was flattered and considered it…but wound up chickening out.

Lee Marvin’s real name was Lee McKinney I was in a movie with him called the grease monkey with Kip Knoll back in 1978 event in Santee California the funny part was I met a guy here in San Diego he took me home to meet his family and when I went in the house Lee was sitting in there I was dating leave brother I had no clue they were related at all Lee just look at me and gave a Sinister giggle I had a lot of explaining to do. With my new boyfriend Lindsay his brother those were the good old days I was just looking up to see if Lee was still alive I think I’m the only one from that movie the grease monkey that is alive I got out when the going was good my real name is Curtis Lawson my stage name was Richie Shaw just thought you guys want to hear some history from someone who was there

Hi, do you know what ever became of Lee? Another commenter mentioned that they had heard he died, of course that wouldn’t surprise me but I hope he lived for a good long while. Derrick Stanton (or someone claiming to be him) is alive and leaves comments on some of the vintage gay areas of reddit, maybe some other sites too. That’s his user name, “DerrickStanton” no spaces between his first and last name so he should be easy to find. I liked your scene with Lee in Grease Monkeys, that was a hot film. I read something last year about George Payne who is also still alive, it’s nice to know some of the guys from the early decades of porn are still here.

That’s awesome that you are part of the early days of gay porn history. It’s rare for our community to have someone still living, who is able to tell us first-hand, about that era. Thank you for posting. You’re a gem!

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