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Stud Brothers

Action-filled excitement with superstuds Joe Markham and his younger “brother” Tony (22 minutes, 1976)

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Whoa, good one! Where have these guys been all my life? I wonder if the manscaped young’uns will ever know the simple joy of burying your face in a thick black bush.

Yeah BJ, these video clips are much appreciated. I think I’ve got all of ’em you’ve ever posted–thanks.

glad you like it – i’m sure there are plenty of young’uns (not in porn) who enjoy thick black bush face burying – I have to believe it!

Hey BJ, like I’m sure all your fans state, I love the OLD pornclips. Most reflect the films I couldn’t see since I was young and didn’t have access to such films. While the soundtracks crack me up, I love seeing hot, hairy guys. No smooth/overly clipped guys here. Thank God! I almost loved that rockin’ orange pickup truck as much as the hairy guys and dicks!!

Thank you for your cool site. LOVE it.

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