"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno


MANDATE, May 1979

who you may remember from such films as: Champs, Rawhide, Boots (which appears in the compilation Biker’s Liberty , and of course Turned On!

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Leaving a comment here since nobody else has yet – and it’s related to Sky, so at least you can’t accuse me of hijacking an unrelated thread this way ;) So let’s say you’re watching FVP002, Johnny Harden & the Champs, the original version from the videotape released in 1978 with three loops, and you’ve made it through Johnny’s solo scene and Dunes, the second loop included which had Hal Drake and Clint Ely. Now you’re onto Champs (not to be confused with FVP003 which was called Champs and had Sky and Dick Fisk in the scene called Champs – The Finals) but the original Champs scene with Sky, Mike Flynn and Bruce McMaster water skiing and taking a break on land. Sky and Mike start out, and are looking very sexy in and out of their speedos, and Bruce speeds his boat ashore and walks up the path to join them. You with me?

The music on the collection was a typical Falcon mashup of sorts, weaving in and out of various songs most of which sound pretty generic. But as soon as Bruce reaches Sky and Mike, a Vangelis song starts playing, this song title is Nucleogenesis Part 1. It plays before an interesting sounding disco song that is still unknown to me, but the Vangelis one can be identified now.

Now, things between the three have progressed and they just finished double fucking, with Sky pulling out and shooting his load on the butt of whichever one was getting fucked by both of them, and he’s now licking Mike’s balls and cock as he continues fucking Bruce. Almost at the end of the scene, before they walk back down to their boats. Here’s where you hear about a minute of the Jean Michel Jarre song Magnetic Fields (also Part 1). So that’s another film, in addition to Huge 1 which I mentioned to you a while back, where there’s some random uncredited Jarre music inserted into a compilation, and since you mentioned that you are a Jarre fan I thought I’d tell you about it.

Sorry for the verbose description, the copy of that scene I have is from a Falcon “best of the 70s” rip I snagged years ago so I couldn’t go by the times listed on the original or DVD releases. And I’m a music nerd, which I know you’ve figured out about me. Thought you might be interested in this, have a nice holiday weekend bud, cheers.

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