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J. D. Slater’s ASYLUM

LIVE VIDEO, INC. presents a Mad Dog On Fire Production :

Director: J. D. Slater (1995) 70 minutes running time

I stumbled upon the pic of the video cassette above while looking for something else, then got sidetracked as I couldn’t remember anything about it except that I sold it back in 2006. Now, researching online, I see nothing at all about it! No listing on Gay Erotic Video Index for J. D. Slater as a director, as a model; and the only other model listed, Dixon Duffy, shows work from around that time, but not that title. I don’t remember it begin any great work, but with no info out there, it makes me sorry I sold the darn thing! If you look at the GEVI listing, there’s a gap between the 1994 S.M.U.T. that he did for Live Video, and the 1998 Barebacked Leather DogsAsylum produced in 1995 – could Asylum actually be Barebacked Leather Dogs? check out the clip above and compare it to the description – what do you think? The only other clue I have is that Frank Ross produced it.

– and this is all I got from my listing page file I saved from the auction – the cast – Dixon Duffy, Matt Converse, Richard Derreck, James Silver, Steve Carver, Kenny Brower Greg Hoff, Sam Hauer, Gene Gordon; and this vague description: roaming camera in a bar / play room orgy leather, slings, hankies, vacuum pumps, dildos, harnesses, gloves. Oh, and of course the clip above that I took just to get screen caps and cast listing.

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The gevi page for Live Video shows that their films were released between 1981 and 1995, if you sort by year:

Maybe Live Video got bought up by some other company, like the Watershed Productions that released Leather Dogs, or else they declared bankruptcy or something like that? If a film had already been released as one title by the original company, and some other company acquired the rights to it I imagine they would have to rename it in order to release it themselves. So it seems like they could very well be one and the same, or just an edit of some kind.

It would be nice if there were a definitive list of things like this because gevi has some gaps – I mean I rely on it for reliable info as I know you do, and for the most part it is. But sometimes there are titles or director’s that you know should be there, but they aren’t. Also would be nice if J.D. were on twitter or something, looks like he used to have a website but I think it’s long gone.

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