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three way stache

to guess who this is, you probably have to look beyond his ‘stache, and probably even past the other two men’s bodies, and look at the background for a hint

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Unless I’m mistaken (always a possibility) Mr. Moustache in the pic above is Dick Fisk. I know he didn’t make a whole bunch of films so if I’m right someone should be able to i.d. the movie and scene partners, since I’m drawing a blank on the specific pic you posted.

The blue tile looks like Al Parker’s bathroom, as seen in Turbocharge and other films. So this must be a Surge production, but I don’t recognize the gentlemen

I change my guess now, because this is right. Not sure why I thought it was Dick Fisk, I guess the moustache and hairstyle reminded me of him. The other two guys in the scene with Brad are Mike McDonald and, of course, Dave Connors. And it was a Surge Studio film, so stuart was right too. Hand me my dunce cap, I’ll be sitting in the corner.

Rick, I am not BJ but I emailed him last year about something, and he told me that he received my message but was unable to reply via his email address. I saw that you had also asked him about this in a different post and just wanted to tell you what he told me.

I have a copy of the first issue of Torso magazine, volume 1 issue 1 from July 1982 (missing its cover, unfortunately) but I scanned some pages, including a photo shoot and interview with sexy Al Parker. I sent these scans to BJ thinking he might want to post it here? And he said that he would probably update the directors page for Al since he already has a different interview with him under that section. It’s a really interesting interview, I learned some stuff I didn’t know before – and the pics are with Al lying on a bed with blue sheets and a couple of tiger-striped pillows, his hair is pretty short and he looks sexy af. Which he usually did anyway, but especially so in a magazine… sometimes I forget how erotic it can be to see photos in an actual magazine instead of just on a computer monitor.

i just replaced the link on the “about” page – if you don’t mind trying that, we can test if it works now. Or just ask your question here. (sorry I am not as attentive to comments as I ought to be!)

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