"vintage" porn stars

easy, right?

name both, and which film, please

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I’m still healing from thinking that was Dick Fisk in your previous post – although I have to say that I wore the dunce cap smashingly ;)

Hard for me to tell who these guys are from that angle, although I would think the butterfly tattoo on his hip is a clue. Also cannot figure out where they are… looking behind the guys, are they on a boat? Or are those deck chairs by a pool? More questions than answers, I’m no help this time either I’m afraid.

Butterly tattoo makes it Richard Locke, everyone’s favorite fantasy boyfriend. Will Seager feeding on him? I have the two paired in a number of photos, but I don’t know from which movie(s?).

Actors: Richard Locke & Clay Grant
Movie: Dreamer

Locke’s first gay film was Dreamer for director Jim West in 1975.

Locke, one of a kind. perfection.

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