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Vector, May 1972

Phillip, of Phillip & Michael, right?

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(what we gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time) —

I have a request for you BJ, I’m hoping you can help me out? In November 2003 (that’s why I included the “way back, back into time” music) you posted a clip to your old blog of the Ryan Idol phone sex commercial that I used to see alongside the previews on VHS rental tapes. Here is the page it was on, the images are still there but the clip is gone —

Do you still have this clip? I was reminded of it recently and would LOVE to see it again, if you can locate it. Somebody uploaded a few of the related clips to one of the tube sites, but not the one with Ryan, which I remember it starting out by him saying in his butchest-sounding voice, “I’m Ryan Idol!” I can retrace my online steps and find the related clips if you want to see them, let me know. Max Grand is in both of the clips I’ve found, as he was in the Ryan clip because you mentioned that month you were holding a contest to see who could ID the other guys. Memories…

Sorry to hijack your post on Phillip, he was certainly a cutie and looks like a guy I remember lusting after back in the 80s. I think a lot of guys had that same general look, though the hair may have been different.

garsh – it’s quite likely I don’t have this – I’ve checked my hard drive – nothing there (I love the Hank Hightower one you linked to!!!); sometime over the weekend I may get a chance to check on the cd/dvd’s of old files – cross your fingers!

Fingers crossed – I’d even cross my nuts if it meant that you still had this. I asked about this on a reddit thread, and just based on my long-winded description of what I remember about it one of the guys who was trying to help me find it stumbled on the two I linked above, as well as finding your page from 2003. I thought, dammit why didn’t I just ask BJ in the first place? LOL. You’re like Obi-Wan Kenobi, you may be our only hope – but no pressure.

Hank was quite studly in both of those clips, he’s the cop in one of them and the guy sucking, and then fingering, Max Grand (another hottie with a big dick) in the other one. But that Ryan one, as I recall, was so over the top cheesy, that must be why I remember it even now.

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