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Even its not the matter of this blog contribution – but I don´t understand why so many are fascinated by Al Parker….

“I don´t understand why so many are fascinated by Al Parker”

Well, there’s the big honkin’ dick. And the flawless skin. And the big honkin’ dick. And the huge, low-hanging balls. And the big honkin’ dick. And the bedroom eyes. And the big honkin’ dick. And the perfect blow-job technique. And the big honkin’ dick. And the great pecs and biceps. And did I mention the big honkin’ dick?

You forgot about his big honkin’ dick…

For me, Al just exuded a charisma in front of the camera, my eyes were usually glued to him when he was in a scene. That dick was incredible, but it was more than that – he really committed to the scenes he was in as an actor, which made them seem more believable and possible for the guys watching the films. There have been a lot of porn stars who, when they are given dialogue, just robotically recite the words like zombies, but I think Al saw filming scenes as more filmmaking than just the focus on the sex acts, both acting and then later making his own movies. He was one of the first porn stars who was big enough (so to speak) to launch his own studio, and be serious enough about it to do so successfully.

Both the interview and pics are from the premiere issue of Torso magazine, June 1982. I have all but the front cover of this magazine, one I’m glad I didn’t part with.

I thought his evolution into expansive filmmaking was very impressive, but I can’t say I thought he was much of an actor, except the ‘blow-job technique’ as mentioned. Looking back, that odd ‘porno acting style’ may have been more conscious than it seemed at the time, though. As he went into Surge Studios, however, he was very fetish-oriented, and that was interesting–some of those things with James Williams and Juan Perris when he was doing foreskin-worship and getting his own dick uncircumcised were very hot.

“he was very fetish-oriented”

Including, of course, the incredible fascination with cock rings and leather thongs that reached its most baroque expression in the threesome in “Rangers.” I’m not aware of any comments by Mr. Parker in reference to this subject.

I shouldn’t have neglected mentioning Justin Cade, who’d phenomenal dick Al adored and spend time with. He fucked Justin in one of the movies (too long ago to remember exactly which, but you should be aware that these beautiful things may be threatened by Deep State or just USG, because homosexual freedom is already being threatened and other ‘freedom of speech’ sites are being seized, as of toady (at least in my experience). The current admin. is having things that are not even in the news removed. I doubt this one will be, but be vigilant–political things ‘trickle down’ even when they’re not the big things.

I remember Justin Cade (not joe cade, who was good too) being stars of Al’s foreskin fetish, and he was probably the most beautiful. I’d have given anything to have that dick up my ass. Have no idea what has happened to him by now. Al was a superb cocksucker of Toby, who he loved, in ‘Chute’, and Toby and Al are long-dead,

Al and Justin Cade had a scene together in Turbo Charge, could that be the film you’re thinking of? I remember that being pretty hot…

Most of us don’t watch porn for the acting, and maybe it was just my overwhelming lust for him, but I always thought Al had some ability in that regard. Regardless, I think you’re right about how interesting it was when Al segued into more kink and fetish-type porn – and, as stuart said, the cockrings that he frequently used to get that big piece of meat up and standing at attention as much as possible.

I’m also concerned about the risk of valuable gay-related info disappearing, thank goodness for sites like BJ’s here where he keeps the focus on his area of expertise.

Yes, it was Turbo Charge, which I remember seeing several times, or parts of it. That scene was so amazing because Justin seemed like such a total top, but easily took Al’s dick with none of that struggling, yet he was tight and perfect. I think I remember from the Edmonson ‘Clone’ book in 2002 that they were lovers for awhile, and that Justin was ‘difficult’, I guess that meant bitchy. Very athletic, but easy to imagine some ego clashes. That Hermosa Beach house was probably really fabulous, and is probably the one where the bathroom with blue tiles we saw here about 4-6 weeks ago with Brad such a hot cocksucker. Book had some interesting things in it, was not so good in some ways–incomplete about important things. Edmonson didn’t like any of the vacuum-pumped looks some of them got, but I thought some of it was really good. He said Justin’s was ‘grotesquely distended’, when I was just salivating over it. James Williams probably had the most pumped of the Surge guys, it was fabulous.

I also liked “Surge Men Are ‘Better than Ever'”, which does have that amazing scene with James Williams and Mike Dean. Just walked into Studio Bookstore winter 1989, and this scene was playing on one of the sets, had never seen anything like it, and Dean was totally up for sucking this beyond-cock sort of fabulous monster Williams had. Really a great scene. I saw one more scene with Williams, and Al may have been in that, I think there was a bead of pearl thing he was playing with. This may also be the film where Al is worshipping Juan Perris’s foreskin, he was the most magnificent in some ways, and Al looks at the camera when he’s stretching it and smiles.

Some of the other fetish I remember was also enlarging balls, shoving them up his ass, and also somehow arranging them and fucking them with his own dick, and saying ‘look at that pussydick’. Imaginative strange stuff.

I think you could be right about his acting, and it could be just because he was so thoroughly involved and devoted to these scenes and films and got more so with Surge than even before. It may be that at the time we didn’t understand that the acting was not supposed to be like the usual kind of acting, and was supposed to be kind of informal, blase, ironic, usually a bit campy. Jack Wrangler was always campy, you could tell he had worked with theater people a lot. Some people thought he was a ‘bad actor’, but it may be he was just ‘doing good porno acting’. It’s been so much longer still that I saw the things with Parker and Wrangler together that I don’t remember them very well–goes all the way back to the mid-70s and the old Adonis.

And it’s true that these are valuable gay-related things, this site, and I even remember that ‘at least the Studio Bookstore would last’ as a kind of landmark. The story was that there were serious structural problems with the building, but I don’t know, and I think they’d been bought out already. And, of course, all the theaters except a couple in the boroughs were run out, but by early 80s only showed vhs on big screens. Only lasted about 10 years really of a real excitement to going to see these films and having lots of sex in the theaters. Totally great period.

Well, in my mind, there are many better looking and better build (torso and cock) guys than Al Parker – in my mind.

OK, the foreskin worship thing. When I grew up back in the paleolithic, I was the only uncut kid in the whole huge high school, and hated it. This was back in the days of gang showers and nude swim classes–nowhere to hide. Eventually found ways to tuck it up, disguise it. Felt like an oddity when I came out in college–it was always something to get past on the first date, and no one was too thrilled to see it. But with the flourishing of gay porn in the late ’70s things changed, and Al Parker was major part of that. Yeah there were a few uncut porn stars out there showing it off–Giorgio Canale, Ryder Hansen–and some small fetish mags that I still have stored in the attic. But the real boost to my confidence was Al Parker seeking it out and worshipping it on the big screen. Wow! Really? Look what he’s doing! OMG, he’s restoring his? Helped me see my own in a new light. Must’ve worked, because now I’m a total fetishist for uncut cock. Nowadays, I know I know, not such an issue–Bel Ami, Lucas, changing times and all that–but I think Al deserves much credit for bringing foreskin appreciation to Gay Main Street USA.

Just took a look at B.J.’s photos of Ryder Hanson, remember the name but don’t think I’ve seen him in anything. There were numerous uncut porn stars well before Giorgio and Al’s stable of studs, like Ray Fuller, and Hans Ritter did some good stills (I think he’s still around, has lived near me for years, although I never met him.) But it’s true, nothing was said about it until Al started all those fetish movies, even though there were a few French things that occasionally opened here. And of course John Holmes, straight mostly, but homosexual men definitely followed him, and his uncut tool was in lots of gay mags.

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