"vintage" porn stars pornoclips


What are you lookin’ at??

by request – I think there are 3 commercials strung together – so we got Ryan Idol, Max Grand and one of my faves, Hank Hightower

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Woohoo, BJ saves the day! That is the exact commercial with Ryan that I remember seeing on the porno tapes I used to rent, and I guess it turns out that you had the other ads too (in a better quality than the ones I linked you to from the tube site). I am thrilled that you were able to do this and combine them into one clip, made my day! So how many blowjobs do ya want? ;)

glad I was able to find it; it always amused me, too. As far as payment, my husbear reads the page, so, ya know….

I can jerk off to cumming just to these and often did when I had the old tapes! There is something so hot about Max and Hank directly addressing the viewer while getting their asses worked over, having to talk to us while getting pain/pleasured. I wish more porn “broke the fourth wall” like this.

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