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L A TOOL (indeed)

Casey Donovan + Derrick Stanton

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Casey Donovan and Derrick Stanton – What a combination of beautiful men. This scene in my mind links to of my favorite story-telling directors Joe Gage and Jerry Douglas (the latter who for whom Casey Donovan was the star of “The Back Row” and Stanton the co-star of “Family Values”. Gage was more of a “you have to connect the dots” story-teller than Douglas, but the stories are there.

zephyr – my breath of fresh air! Wow, I really have to commend you – long overdue!

I have to admit, at first I just relegated you, to just the guy who appreciated gay porn music. But ever since you’ve started posting links, you’ve really been on fire! I shouldn’t have taken you for granted!

It’s obvious; you truly are a “pornoisseur”! Your articles and inside porn information have been just incredible! At this point, you almost qualify as BJ’s assistant! The detective work is just awesome – truly appreciated! All I can say is THANKS!

I wish BJ’s blog had the search engine, for me to scroll back to all your previous comments! I’m sure I’ve missed some valued information. I’m always hungry for details about all-male porn, especially vintage!

BJ attracts lots of great commenters; but you, along with Parisian and Johnny Llama, have become my favorites! I would like to also include Casey Scott, but he doesn’t respond as often as I wished. Though he truly is a porn scholar!

I hope what I said about Derrick Stanton, didn’t come off as mean. I said he was homely, not ugly! I DO appreciate him as a great, reliable performer! Even if physically by himself, he doesn’t turn me on.

My mind often doesn’t work as quickly as it used to. I called Stanton a “gusher” – wrong description! I’ve referred to him in the past, as the “human geyser”! LOL!

I decided to post here. This picture of Stanton with Casey Donovan proves that Derrick was in Joe Gage’s film. Great work by BJ, as always!

You probably already know this. There was a detail in a Manshot’s interview of Derrick Stanton, which I’ve never forgotten. He said that Casey Donovan’s rectum was so loose and comfortable, that fucking him, was like fucking a woman! : 0 : )

Don’t feel left out, BJ honey! It’s a credit to your wonderful blog, that you attract such great readers and responders!

I look at you as a marvelous, gracious host! We’re just the grateful party guests! LOL!

“Talk amongst yourselves!”

Thanks once again, zephyr! Stay cool and breezy!

; )

search for comments and commentors WOULD BE great! I can search comments on my wordpress dashboard – but if anyone sees an add-on for searching comments, i would LOVE IT.

and BTW – homely, to me is a strong word – in this instance, anyway. I think he’s attractive, just not (initially) my type. But through the gloryhole, or after a nice conversation – HELL YES, DERRICK!

Thanks for the kind words obsessed, my little … uh, ok I don’t have a nickhame for you. Some of the longtimers who have been following BJ for years, like us, have known of each other through his comments here for what can seem like eons. And wordy wordsmiths like you and I should always stick together!

Sometimes I link back to BJs blog in the reddit posts I write up (I’d say that this blog and retrostuds are the two I’ve used the most, though I do get around). I didn’t think you were mean in what you said about Derrick, though he might have taken umbrage at a few of the comments and the way they were worded, he’s likely heard all that before anyway. I think we usually assume the guys posted here are long gone and therefore we can speak freely, which is generally the case, but I wasn’t trying to guilt you or anything. I can’t even confirm it’s really Derrick I’ve been communicating with though I suspect it is.

His dick and his gusher / geyser loads in films like L.A. Tool, Performance, Wet Shorts, Boys Of Venice, Members Only, These Bases Are Loaded and Route 69 were more memorable than his looks per se, and I think he’d agree with that assessment. He’s mentioned also that at least sometimes he was not scheduled to be in certain films and just pitched in when another performer failed to show up, or as a volunteer fluffer behind the scenes if a guy couldn’t get it up on his own, pre-viagra days.

At one point he told me ‘I should write a book of my experiences but I don’t know who would care’ and I tried to encourage him to do so, maybe some day he will get his thoughts organized and follow through on that. As many actors and directors as he met it would seem to be of interest to lots of guys like you, me, BJ and some of the regulars here and on reddit anyway, if not making the NYT best-seller list then at least providing some dish for those of us who appreciate the era and the smut that arose from it. Not to mention all of our dicks which arose as well ;p

Obsessed I enjoy your pointedly specific long comments as well, as you always bring receipts in the form of corroborating links and info you’ve dug up to augment the posts here and provide more info. I’d say between us, Johnny Llama and some others, that we’ve hopefully helped BJ make this blog the unique destination we all know it to be! I’m glad to lurk in the shadows with you guys, and I know BJ has expressed his sincere gratitude to those of us who steer him towards the posts he makes, and I’m good with that. But nice talking with you as always, cheers.

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