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oh i know – I think the post says “Pit Stop” but perhaps not explicitly “from PIT STOP” magazine. In fact, I think I had also posted that I was going to sell my copy, but missing a page or two prevented me. Pheww

Every new picture (or every one that I haven’t ever seen) of Mark Rutter is more beautiful, glamorous and erotic than the last. That swimmer’s body, which always knocks me out, may be my favourite body type, and I also love John Long’s, who’s in that magazine linked.

Merci mille fois encore for these treasures that are from my own time, and my research (or the lack of it) was so spotty I didn’t even know everybody from Colt. I do remember Rutter from some Colt photos I saw, but never got so turned on till that one in the hottest suit I nearly ever saw you posted would have loved to see him walk down the street nonchalantly just like that…Can’t think of anything more urbane… Never would have known John Long was a Colt Model either–never heard of him at all. I would have thought somebody was talking about John Holmes if they used that name.

Just found 2 more from that set in the suit, and one is even more succulent than the one you posted a year or two ago, I think. Jesus. But I think he’s better-looking with close-clipped hair as here. Works better with his face. Could have been some fabulous loops with Toby, including T. in that suit you recently posted–they could have done double-docking too, which is one of the hottest things.

Oh thanks! This one had to have been shot within seconds of the other I found–lamp and chair–and we need them BOTH. This one is more elegant in that the pants look better since he holds the jacket back with his arm, hand in pocket, so that it doesn’t cast shadow–but the one at smutjunkies has the Prick at its most luscious, and he’s not smiling:

The ‘Older Profile’ has him sitting in the chair, legs spread. There’s just something fabulous about spreading legs just so. Seems trite to say that, but it definitely varies in effectiveness. Can’t believe I never looked at Colt Men # 8.

I bet Susan Collins doesn’t know who the most distinguished Mainer in her state’s history is.

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