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Rocco Rizzoli

Rocco Rizzoli

who you may remember as Giorgio Canali – from such films as: Games, One in a Billion, Brothers Should Do It, One More Time and The Main Attraction among many others

(EDIT: see comments for Music from Games )

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One of my all-time favorite tops, one of my all-time favorite cocks. I miss the moustache, but hey– I didn’t have this picture, thanks!

I did another slideshow, this time for Al Parker & Surge Studio’s Games. No music credits in the film so I wasn’t able to list any of the musicians when I posted it but youtube identified three of the songs, so I thought I’d share my new knowledge about this with you and your blog on an at least semi-related old post.

First up, the opening scene where Al is sucking (probably Mike Davis?) in a photo shoot while the recipient is holding a door with a cut-out for his dick … that’s a slowed down version of Pete Shelley’s I Don’t Know What It Is: (same mix also plays at the end when Al and Leo finally have sex)

Secondly, the music during the “date rape” scene when Jim Rogers roofies Leo’s Gatorade bottle, puts him on the back of his bike and takes him home … is a song called Glow by James Last:

Finally, later in the same Jim/Leo scene, by the time Leo starts fucking him it becomes part of the instrumental Sunrise by Rose Royce, taken from the soundtrack to Car Wash:

Last link, to the latest slideshow: — I never knew the names of any of these songs, and still wouldn’t if I hadn’t posted this to yt in a time where a few seconds of a song is all it takes to have some app or artificial intelligence tell you the name of the song and the artist. It didn’t know the song that plays when Al picks up Russ Franklin and has him in the back of the brown van, that’s not only a very hot scene but also an interesting song.

oh, did you know that the same guy from Dark Entries Records who did the releases of Roy Garrett’s work, and Patrick Cowley’s FOX STUDIOS work, has also been trying to track down and perhaps do the same thing for music from Surge Studios? Forbidden Overture is listed in credits, and there was a name also….. anyway, we’ll see what he comes up with!

Glad you added the porn music tag here, when I searched ‘games’ I found an older post of yours from 2010 where you talked about the Al and Russ hitchhiker scene. That would have been the best place for me to post this info but there was no way to leave a comment on that one, you may not have had the comments turned on yet. Still it’s nice to be able to reply to a lot of your posts from the past, as long as we stay on topic, which I’m trying to be better about ;)

I am a big fan of Dark Entries and have all four of the Cowley CDs they have put out, but I hadn’t heard about Josh wanting to do the same with Surge, that’s very interesting. Maybe some of the music in Surge films was original which would be ripe for dusting off, remastering and releasing — but Al apparently didn’t mind using other people’s music without crediting them, which runs into a copyright issue now so Josh would need to jump through hoops if it’s those songs. Like the three we now know about in Games, plus: the van car wash scene in One In A Billion, where The Art Of Noise song Moments In Love plays; as well as from the film Dangerous, where you can hear Sophistication by the Ritchie Family as well as 2 songs by David London, Samantha and The Sound Of The City. It’s one thing with Cowley’s porn music (or even Roy Garrett) because they had never been released before, but any music that already existed has rights associated with it and would need permission from artists and/or songwriters and record companies. Still I’m curious about what that will be like, thanks for the tip.

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