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John Kovacs

Ahhh, so I have posted about him before – Johnny Kovacs – from Killing me Softly, and the odd (for porno) appearance in Pier Groups, playing Keith Anthoni ‘s neighbor, because he never engages in sex – he just roams around the piers as a contractor accessing the costs of fixing/renovating/demolishing ( I forget which) the piers.

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i knew they did it in L.A., but stopped following them on facebook as it seemed very West Coast focused. Took a quick glance at article (THANKS!!) – odd choice to have the event in Crown Heights (cheaper rent??) of all places!! will have to re-read when I get more time – thanks for the tip!

Sure thing. The article says they weren’t going to announce the films ahead of time, but I’m still curious which ones they wound up showing. Do you think they have that info online somewhere?

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