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Michael Christopher

Michael Christopher (who you remember from such films as: Skin Deep, Shore Leave, Tony’s Initiation, What the Big Boys Eat, Pleasure Beach, Rodeo, Printer’s Devils, Shoreleave, The Best Little Warehouse in L.A., Gayracula, and many others ) as shown here in (maybe) a still from Pleasure Beach, then with Jon King in (maybe) Bore ‘N Stroke, and of course with Beau Matthews in How I Got The Story.

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#1 – Sorry for this very late comment, but when you originally posted this, I didn’t have internet access. I was recuperating from a car accident, in a rehabilitation center. I kept meaning to post, but I either forgot to, or didn’t have the time.

I want to especially thank you for the first picture. I’ve seen this before, but the previous versions I’ve seen, has him visible only from the waist up. Can you imagine?

I really think this still captures his appeal, in a nutshell. He’s among those porn stars (Gordon Grant is another), whose initial appearance, instantly creates an atmosphere of eroticism, by the way his body fills out his clothes. He usually enters a scene wearing a T-shirt or a tank top, with tight jeans. You start anticipating, when he’ll remove them – a casual striptease. : )

I’ve built up a lot of affection for this rugged, raggedy stud. Unexpectedly, he became one of my absolute favorites. Somehow, he’s able to convey supreme, masculine confidence, without any ego. It’s remarkable how many quality films he was able to make, in the three year (1982-1985), he was in the spotlight – a true Porn Divo. I’m delighted that you eventually warmed up to him. : )

I actually find his gnarled, facial features, to be oddly sensual. The cleft chin is just what’s needed, to offset his big, moon face. The dimples, offset his slightly, fiendish grin. The upturned snout, gives him canine warmth. The arched eyebrows and long lashes offset his slightly dazed, eyeballs. His blubbery, lower lip looks both kissable and chewable. If nothing else, I know we can all agree that he had a hot body and dick.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit, how much it affects me, when viewers put him down for his looks. I wish they would see him through my eyes. But they can’t, or they won’t. So I hate them. LOL!

I have such a soft spot for this big lug, that I can’t help feeling protective. Not that he needs any protection. He can obviously take care of himself. LOL! ; )

If I remember correctly, it is his performance in Pleasure Beach , with adorable Beau Matthews, that really gets me going – and I agree with ALL that you’ve said – sometimes the stills aren’t so “forgiving”, and don’t capture him all that well – but in action, and I don;t mean the sex stuff, he really shines.

I’m afraid I have agree with your comment about “unforgiving stills”. From certain angles, he has be to photographed carefully, or the results can be less than flattering. But by that same token, from certain angles, he can also look as dashing and raffish, as a rock star. Jim Morrison? Roger Daltry? To me, he’s like a work of modern art; a mixture of the crude and the poetic – like a sculpture by Rodin. I’ll always defend him against the charge that he was ugly. : )

He’s been my favorite since I discovered him in “Big Horn Peak” with Neal Shaw, the first vignette in Buckshot Video’s Easy Entry movie. Anyone know if he’s still alive or what his real name is? I read several years ago he still would come in to the Bijou Video offices. This was around the time Bijou Video started releasing a lot of classic gay porn on DVD. I would love to see some of MC’s films get released on blu ray even. I think about him often and cum to his scenes all the time. I really wish someone who knew more about him would chime in.

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